i'm not really in any mood to talk about anything so i'm just gunna dump these tags. anyone who wants to do them, can. i just wanted to be rid of them tbh

"You can tell a lot about someone by their music. Hit shuffle on iPod, iTunes, phone, media player, etc. Write down the first 20 songs, then pass this to 20 people. One rule: no SKIPPING.”

1. green day - holiday
2. fizzy dino pop - wind up bird
3. minus the bear - dog park
4. GD&TOP - don't go home
5. the prophec - mahiya ft. inaya
6. imogen heap - speeding cars
7. minus the bear - burying luck
8. calvin harris ft. ne-yo - let's go
9. gwen stefani - bubble pop electric
10. daniel bedingfield - gotta get thru this
11. kim jaejoong - mine
12. weezer - island in the sun
13. owl city - the airway
14. city and colour - constant knot
15. hollywood undead - no. 5
16. bob dylan - like a rolling stone
17. marina and the diamonds - primadonna
18. minus the bear - pantsuit...uggghhh
19. between the trees - spain
20. toto - africa

what does this even say about me. looks like my shuffle likes minus the bear though lol.


♠ Vital Stats ♠
Name : sheridan lee
Nicknames : shezza, dhani
Birthday : 12 sept
Place of Birth : hong kong
Star Sign : virgo
Occupation : freelance web design / network security analyst

♠ Appearance ♠
Hair colour : dark brown
Hair length : pretty short. going shorter soon.
Eye colour : grey
Best feature : i don't know. a lot of people say they like my eyes or smile best.
Braces : not anymore
Piercings : earlobes, industrial, 3 other cartilage, belly button.
Tattoos : yes, semi colon on the back of my neck.
Righty or Lefty : i use both

♠ Firsts ♠
Besty : mai
Award : the earliest one i can remember is a silly one for a random footie match. my friends dad had them made for everyone. 
Sport : like competitively? swimming or ice skating. i'm not sure which i started first.
Real Holiday : australia, but i don't remember it. for ones i remember, hawaii.
Concert : white stripes

♠ Favorites ♠
Film : not sure rn, sorry
TV show : i'm not sure, sorry
Color : pastel everything
Song : it changes a lot but i don't have one rn.
Restaurant : i don't have one.
Book : travel books.
Magazine : i don't rly read them but i'll look at the pictures in any of them.
Shoes : comfy ones. but they have to look nice too.

♠ Currently ♠
Feeling : angry, kinda hurt..
Single or taken : taken
Eating : nothing.
Listening to : a podcast.
Thinking about : stuff.
Watching : nothing.
Wearing : my fluffy robe and slippers.

♠ Future ♠
Want kids : sure do.
Want to be married : sure do.
Careers in mind : ugh i mean i kinda have one, but i hate it. i don't know what to do for the future.
Where do you want to live : america!! if trump doesn't win..

♠ Do you believe in... ♠
God : no.
Love at first sight : no.
Ghosts : no.
Aliens : yes. as in, i believe there's some type of life out there. not bug-eyed lil green guys.
Soulmates : yes.
Miracles: not really.....
Heaven : no.
Hell : no.
Kissing on the first date: depends. usually i think it's ok, but if it's a bum date why would you do that?


What or who is your inspiration? travel is my inspiration
Do you often have a short-temper? not too often
Do you often have days where you either hot or cold with anybody, not in-between? not anymore

What’s something you have a very strong opinion about? a lot of things
Would people consider you to be materialistic? i don't think so. but i am to some extent probably. everyone is..
Is it hard for you to accept change? depends what change it is

What would someone have to do in order to catch your attention? just talk to me? as long as you're not just like "hi" or whatever.
Do you often feel at world with two different aspects of yourself? i used to, but it's under control now
Would people consider you to be flighty? i don't think so

What gets you emotional? no comment
Are you family orientated in everything you do? no
Do you feel the need to be needed? not really. it's more like, i want to be useful and help others?

What are you best at? uh. lmfao. i don't really know...
Do people often assume you’re pretentious? yeah, but i'm not really sure why..
Do you hate being alone? yes, it's one of the worst things :s

Name an interesting fact about yourself: ..i seriously don't even know what is 'interesting' about myself. you're gunna have to tell me.
Do you often over analyze simple situations? at times
Are you often skeptical? yes

How far would you go to make someone feel better? depends on a few things. like their relationship to me and then how much i like them... basically i'll try to help anyone feel better as long as they're not a vile person.
Do others consider you to be stuck up? not really. but i think i have my moments.
Do you often try to find common ground when in a political debate? sometimes, but i still stick up for my opinions

Do you believe in love at first sight? no no no no ugh
Would you often call yourself a moody person? not really
Do you tell it like it is to your friends? yes

What’s your biggest goal in life? travel the world
Are you often humorous? sometimes
Would you like to go on many adventures? i'd love to!

Are you someone who trusts easily? no
Are you self-sufficient? kinda
Do you often conceal yourself from the world around you? YEP. at least negative emotions. idk i've started opening up but i think it's just bothering everyone so i'm gunna stop again

How loyal are you to other people? very
Do you come across as cold and aloof at times? yep
Do you often think about the complexities of life? sometimes

Do you hide how you feel or do you speak your mind? i speak my mind
Have you ever given it your all just to have someone walk away from your life? ew yeah
Do you have any skills or interests in the arts? yes

About You:
What sign are you? virgo sun, cancer moon, leo rising
What sign is your best friend? virgo (her birthday is the day after mine, same year)
What sign is the person you like/significant other? aries
Do you believe in astrology? no but tbh, it's hella fun
If you could change your sign will you? nah


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