&unfair as it may be,
i'm just here to remind you
remind you not to forget to remember me.

lapse / envy on the coast.

this is inspired by kerri's newest set, 
which was inspired by naomi, 
so there ya go.

uh hey.
i'm actually really dumb. today this girl gave me my friends phone, and told me to give it back to herrr. so what did i do? i texted her and said "i got yo phone, gurrrl"..... and it took me a long time to realize that she wouldn't see it, obviously, cuz i had her phone... ;)

we're learning hip hop dance in gym class because our co-op student does it. omg it's so fun but i suck so much, so when we had to perform it today.. i improvised the whole routine yaaay wooohoo A+ for me.
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