Emilia Audrey Westcott
age: 19
birthday: May 8th, 1993
quote or lyric to describe your character: I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. - marilyn monroe
likes: parties, rainbow cake, cocktails, white chocolate, froyo, sleeping pills, coke, italian cuisine, maldives, aviators, towering heels, sleeveless blouse, popping blue, comfort food, her family (just because her parents adore her), royal history, unique traditions, enzo, rodgers and hammerstein movies, warm hugs, accent
dislikes: cockroach, being forced to do something that she hates, learning maths, numbers in general, stupid bimbo, dull colours, boring lecturers, makeup, nail polish, hospital
major: history with minor in language
Late night parties, sudden freedom or probably culture shock as you call it took a toll in Emilia's perfect life. She was the innocent princess turned britney spears 2.0 minus the head shaving obviously. Her life now consists of partying and probably soon drugging since she's starting to take some to 'relax her mind' as she calls it. A history student, top in her class despite the bad reputation; Emilia loves everything about it except the fact that it can't help with her worsening addiction and truth to be told its getting hard to keep it all a secret now since her father has assign her brother to keep a watchful eye on her. The choice is for her to start getting treatment or let everything fall apart and she leave brown forever for her golden cage.
model: taylor momsen



Eleazar Westcott ll 45
He might be the most powerful person in the congress world but to Emilia, he is just daddy and he'll always be the man she loves the most even when he practically forced her to sign the admission form into the university. Apart from being the 'man who always gets his ways' Eleazar is generally a great father who dotes on his children and an amazing husband to his beloved wife.
model: daniel craig

Zafrina Denali-Westcott ll 42
Mama when Emilia's in her usual mood or Ms. Zaf when she's in the playful mood, either way Zafrina is the woman who keeps Emilia sane and insane. She is quite close to her mother, they enjoy their junk food and k-dramas times together. The mother who adores her children too much.
model: rachel weisz

Zayn Westcott ll 23
Emilia's cuddling partner 2.0 - he's the next best thing after daddy obviously. He's supposed to keep Emilia in control but he just lets her do whatever she wants and covers up all of her mistakes from their parents. He's awesome to make it simple and a law graduate who is now pursuing his masters in brown as well.
model: gaspard menier


Brown University ll Ivy League College.
- Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island and founded in 1764, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States. Brown is an independent, coeducational Ivy League institution comprising undergraduate and graduate programs.
- With its talented and motivated student body and accomplished faculty, Brown is a leading research university that maintains a particular commitment to exceptional undergraduate instruction.
- Brown was founded in 1764—the third college in New England and the seventh in America. Brown was the first Ivy League school to accept students from all religious affiliations, a testament to the spirit of openness that still typifies Brown today.

THE MAJOR: World History


Enzo Park ll 20
Arrogant, cocky and plainly a huge pain on Emilia's ass, Enzo is her worst nightmare turn frenemy. They loath each other but that one night made things...nicer. He makes her heart beat sometimes and other times she just feels like strangling him. People said they'll make a great couple - Emilia and Enzo practically shoved their face to the wall. 
model: no min woo


The Five Korean Boys who keeps her happy
model(s): MBLAQ

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