It was official. I loathed my parents. Completely and entirely. If it wasn't enough that they tried to control my life as much as possible, they suddenly felt the need to have someone else take over for them when I finally got close to being free. After graduation I was set to get married.

And they'd sent my "fiancee" to come stay with me at school. I was surprised the school was even allowing him to stay here seeing as he's twenty-three-years-old. I walked down the hall sulkily as he talked, warding off his advances whenever he'd try to wrap his arm around me or grab my hand. Sure he was handsome, but. There was nothing there. This wasn't right.

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Wrote 4 years ago
Ill publish Trent & Eloises setvwhen I get home.

Wrote 4 years ago
I'll reply to these tomorrow and start off on the new Natasha/Max set. ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
I rested my head back against the chair's arm, my eyes staring up at the ceiling. I remember when i was just a tiny kid - staying at a hotel was like Christmas for me. I loved getting lost in the hallways & the big heated pools they always had. Hotels were apart of my best memories. I drew in a soft breath as I turned my head to look at her, seeing her move to the left side of the bed. "I can sleep here, it's fine."

Wrote 4 years ago
I smiled in slight amusement as I watched Trent eat his taffy, enjoying mine while enjoying the fact that I got to witness him enjoying his. After a while of eating taffy, I yawned and stretched my arms out in front of me like a cat. Biting my lip, I threw my leftover plastic in the trash and laid down, moving over to the left side of the bed. Because there was only one bed and I didn't want him to have to sleep in a chair and get a stiff neck. Besides, if this was uncomfortable for him, he could always put a pillow between us.


the roleplaying club.

the roleplaying club.

hey there. (:
I get a ton of messages asking me to help advertise for auditions, so this is another roleplay group, to enter all of your roleplay sets and advertise your roleplay groups.
but in this one, I will post frequent announcements with links to new roleplay groups that I stumble across, or even roleplay groups that you guys send me!
I will also post links to your open roleplay sets, so just send 'em to me. 
but in addition to posting the link to a group, I will also post which spots are open, who the mods are, and what level of descriptiveness you might need to get into it.
also, I will post daily roleplaying tips and hints, to help you with your roleplaying!  
so join the group, post your roleplay sets, and send me links to your groups and open private roleplays! also watch the announcements for new and upcoming roleplays. (:
love, scarlett.

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