lalalaaaa... hello, dreamy dream birdys, how do you do? humhumhum. i was hoping to go shopping today, but, alas, my plans failed.. as usual. maybe tomorrow? umm... so, ummmmmmmmmm,,,, whalalaa.

"You're like a butterfly! flutter flutter flutter.." i told him, dreamily.
He just stared, as if to say, "excuse me?" i just laughed, and smiled, ha ha.
"so, umm, where are we?" he asked me nervously, looking around the empty forest. 
"oh i don't know!" i giggled, "i think we might be lost, actually..."
he sighed and started muttering under his breath. i knew this would happen. why couldnt he be dreamy, like peter pan? or awkwardly cute like adam young? instead, i was left with this slightly boring looking, normal guy who was cute, but just not fairy interesting... i sighed and sat down on the fallen autumn leaves. he turned and faced me, looking down at me as i played with the leaves. 
"what are you doing? its going to get dark soon, we have to go!" he told me seriously. he reached down to grab my arm but i moved back and he fell onto the floor next to me. i started giggling histerically. he kept telling me to stop, but i couldnt! it was too funny! he looked at me for a long time, so i stared into his eyes widening mine as far as i could, to see what he would do, he giggled!!! how cute!
llaallalalallallma :3
lots of dreamy stuff.
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