Blair: It's so hard finding obedient minions.

I have to say B. That line cracked me up. Though I, N, H, & P get on my nerves, they are so obedient to you! They even dress like you. Do I hear a little yap yap and the jingling of a couple dog collars? So when C finally says he's sorry and even brings you FLOWERS (hello, he's Chuck Bass!) you give him back the flowers and send him back down the elevator? Here I thought you loved him. Sure, his uncle set him up (All Basses are alike!) and he will most likely NOT be in the Bass Industries production, I still think you two are meant to be. But hey, why would you listen to me? Oh yeah. Because I can do things...
P.S. Oh J. Seriously? You were acting like a follower-- Big Time. Poor Eric and Jonathan! They just wanted some time alone. I thought you were a leader! S & D. Think your relationship can survive? I don't know... You're supposed to be one big happy family... Cept that your brother is "dead". That's even low for an Upper East Sider to pretend their son is dead when he's not even their real son! I would have to say I feel bad for Lily and Rufus... But I'd be lying.

(BTW, exact suit Blair wore and her Dior bag, just not her cape. I know it's not purple, but that went better)
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