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SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH: Sadly, our Eagly Bay visit has come to an end. It's time to pack our bags, say goodbye once again, hop on the first flight outta town, and get back to our lives. We're all gathering at Jana's house for a little goodbye get together. Brings your kids, your lover, and your smiles because this will honestly be a night to remember.


“Jared,” I complained for what felt like the thousandth time. “Why do we have to go? Why can’t we just stay in Eagle Bay for a little while longer?” We were sitting in Jana’s place, sipping on our beers while Miranda ran around with Avery, Lucie, Lucas, Addison and all the other little ones. Cole was busy trying to eat a wooden block. 

He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on my lips. “Because,” Jared began. “Our lives are back in Salem, Q. Our jobs are there, Miranda’s school is there. We agreed that that would be a great place to raise the kids.”

“I know,” I nodded. And he was right – I just didn’t want him to be. I wanted him to tell me that I was right and then we could stay right here where we belonged. We belonged here. I knew we did and somewhere down inside I knew he knew it too. “But we all love it here.” I reasoned.

“We’ll come back again, Quinn. We won’t be able to stay away for too long. Eagle Bay is our home away from home. I know it’s hard to believe but we belong in Massachusetts.”

Pouting, I took a gulp of my drinks. “No,” I whined. 

Jana then came up and offered us each another drink as well as hors d’oeuvers thanked her graciously and started small talk. We both talked about our lives and where they had gone in the past year but I felt disconnected and completely un-like myself. Jared, it seemed, had noticed after Jana left to go mingle with a few others. “You okay?”

“I guess,” I leaned into his shoulder. “I’m just… really going to miss this place.”


I tucked Miranda into bed and kissed her on the cheek. “Momma, read me a story!”

“Alright, Mandy, one story.” I picked up The Poky Little Puppy and sat on the end of Miranda’s bed, opening up the children’s book and reading aloud to my daughter. On the opposite wall, Cole was already fast asleep, his arm clutched around his stuffed bear. By the time I had turned the page, Miranda was nearly asleep as well. 

I continued until I was sure she was asleep and then put the book back on the shelf. I pulled the blanket up over her shoulder and kissed Cole’s forehead. I turned to leave and noticed Jared watching me from the doorway. I grinned. “What?” I whispered.

“Nothing,” He shook his head, putting his arm around me. “You’re just an amazing mother. They love you Quinn. And so do I.”

“You’re so cheesy!” I squealed once the door was shut and we had returned to the living room. “But thank you. I love you too. And I know they do too.”

Jared smiled. “Cole’s a Momma’s boy.” “But Mandy loves her Daddy.” I reasoned with a nudge to his ribs. In truth, they loved us both equally. And we couldn’t have been happier with our family that we had now. Everything, it had seemed, had fallen into place over the years. I was happier than ever, and I hoped Jared was too. 

“We have a pretty good life, huh, Quinn?”

“Yeah,” I nodded and kissed him on the lips. “Yeah we really do have a good life. And I’m happy to be sharing it with you.”

Jared chuckled. “Now you’re the one being cheesy.”

I laughed. “But it’s the truth. Thank you, Jare, for making me so happy.” 

A few hours later, we were in bed, asleep. I was exhausted after the week we’d both had and couldn’t believe that tomorrow would be our last day in Eagle Bay. It all felt too unreal: Johnny’s death, us returning after so much time, everybody changing and everyone’s lives different. It made me realize that whatever the case, we couldn’t waste our time here because it was limited. We could lose ourselves and our lives in a split second. I had to live everyday like it was my last, because it very well could be. I had to love like I’d never loved before and life like I’d never liked before. I had to be me. 

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