nadine is officially a plastic!!

i'm so excited :D

i have so many ideas, there won't be a set tomorrow though cos i'm getting my exam results ( eek! :/ ) so i'll be out celebrating or drowning my sorrows with loud music :P

either way, it's gonna be a serrrrrrious night out ;)

i'm wearing black heels, a leopard print dress and red lipstick :D

i'm so excited, except we have to spend the whole day in school before we get them :(


♔September 13: The North Shore dance team is having their first dance competition in the gym after school today. Come and see the best dancers in the school. 


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I walk through the hallways alone, clutching my books and humming a song from home.
I bump into Avery.
'Oh hey Nadine, are you going to gym tonight?' she asks quietly.
I sigh, letting my glasses slip down my nose.
'Um, je ne sais pas Avery...' I shrug.
She nods.
'Right, we're on bars tonight I think.' she pushes a strand of long dark hair behind her ear.
'Ah bien.' I nod, smiling.
I feel a tapping on my shoulder.
I spin around.
'Um, I need to speak to you. Alone.' she smirks.
'Okay.' I smile in reply.
I glance over my shoulder but Avery has already disappeared.
Marina begins walking towards the cafeteria.
I follow beside her.
'So Nadine, now that you're plastic, you can't really be seen talking to losers like Avery.' she states matter of factually.
I flush.
'I was just asking her about gym, we're not friends.' I lie.
I actually liked Avery.
'Phew, because she's like, seriously creepy.' she rolls her eyes.
I lick my lips and don't reply, taking my glasses off and slipping them into my bag.
 I sit in the cafeteria with Marina, Liv and Lindsey.
'I got these like, awesome Marni wedges the other day!' Lindsey gushes, nibbling on her cafeteria food.
I take a bite from my pain au chocolat.
'Hey Nadine, what are the shops like in Paris?' she asks me.
I swallow my food before answering.
'I'm from Provence so...' I shrug nonchalantly.
Three blank stares.
'Marseilles.' I elaborate.
Olivia narrows her eyes.
I sigh.
'Paris is great.' I say condescendingly.
They don't pick up on it, and seem content with my answer.
'We should totally go there shopping sometime.' Liv 
says bluntly.
I nod.
'Hey so, someone told me that you and Zane were together on Saturday night.' Liv says casually, pushing her food around on her plate.
My throat clogs up.
I try to stay calm.
'Well, he's friends with Phillipe so we were just talking, he speaks French so...' I try to sound confident.
'What the hell is Philly doing talking to that freak?' she says, almost to herself.
I wonder why she cares who Phil is talking to.
'Don't worry Liv.' Lindsey pats her arm.
She makes a scoffing noise and continues with her lunch.
I take a drink.
'I heard that you slept with him.' Marina mumbles.
I almost splutter my drink.
Liv glares at me and Lindsey looks shocked.
I begin laughing.
Marina gives me an odd look.
'I obviously didn't sleep with that creep.' I chuckle nervously.
Liv cracks a grin.
The other girls follow, laughing too.
'Good.' Liv breaths out.
'Who told you that?' I ask Marina.
She shrugs.
'Just a rumour.' she replies.
'It was probably Kinsey, she's like, staring us down right now.' Liv throws an evil stare across the cafeteria at her.
I peer over my shoulder.
She's sitting with Zara and Avery, looking glum.
'Non.' I crinkle my nose.
'I dunno, she's like totally jealous of you. Popular, hot. I mean all the guys majorly want you and she's all... alone.' Liv makes a face.
I blush.
Would Kinsey have done that to me?
She was a plastic before, maybe her old ways were coming out again.
'What happened to her?' I ask curiously.
Liv shrugs.
I finish off my lunch and stand up.
I notice Phil approaching.
'Salut les filles.' he grins widely.
Thank god I was just leaving.
'See you later.' I smile at the girls, and make a face a Phil. He chuckles, taking the seat I'd just left.
 Outside, the air is cold and damp.
I spy Zane sitting in the quad taking photos.
I sneak up behind him.
'Hello.' I whisper.
His head snaps around.
He grins at me and takes a photo. 
'You look happy.' he smirks.
'I am.' I giggle.
He snaps another shot.
I pull my glasses out of my bag and slip them on.
He laughs and shakes his head.
'What?' I ask.
He looks at a loss for words.
'It's all too much.' he blinks.
I frown, trying not to smile.
'What is too much?'
He bites his lip and takes one last photo.
'The smile, the accent and the now glasses, you're so ridiculously cute.' he looks genuinely baffled.
My jaw drops open.
'Cute? Me? Non, I am not cute.' I furrow my brows at him.
He sighs.
'I'm afraid you are. Tu es mignon.' 
I bite my lip.
I feel dirty.
I'd called him a creep.
Maybe I really was mean enough to be apart of the plastics.
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