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- dance at the camp

++ Glee - Pretending ++
++ Christina Perri - A Thousand Years ++

Iris Norwood - Daughter of Boreas - Palvin Barbara
Travis Stoll - Son of Hermes - Alex Pettyfer
Connor Stoll - Son of Hermes - Jeremy Sumpter
Jason 'Jay' Might - Son of Apollo - Hunter Parrish
Melody Reese - Daughter of Euterpe - Dianna Argon
Rosalie Swan - Daughter of Aphrodite - Freya Mavor
Pollux - Son of Dionysus- William Moseley
Ian Campbell - Son of Zephyrus - Alex Watson [Iris' cousin]
Timothy 'Tim' Spear - Son of Hephaestus - Nicholas Hoult

[The Ares cabin refused the participation ]

“I’m still saying, you have to tell her.” Travis stated to his brother.
“Hm? Tell me what?” Iris, who was standing next to them, didn’t pay much attention to the boys’ conversation.
“Uh...” Connor gave Travis a look. “How beautiful you are.” The girl was wearing a white, gem detailed dress with a pair of white sandals. For jewelery, a silver laurel wreath and her usual winged compass necklace. Her hair was shiny and fell down till the middle of her back in loose waves. She was wearing nude makeup on her face and lips, only her glowing grey-blue eyes were emphasized with heavier black makeup, which made them more outstanding.
"Oh, thank you. And you look… very-" Iris searched for the words.
"No, no. Men always look better in suit."
"Then, I'm ugly on normal days?" Connor asked in a tone which meant to be funny.
"Why do you have to play with my words?" Iris asked back annoyed.
Travis elbowed his brother.
“I’m sorry.” Connor forced a nervous smile. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Iris blinked surprised. “It’s okay. What’s with you tonight? You are acting weird.”
“It’s just because of the clothes.” Travis helped his brother out.
“I can understand that.” The girl sighed. “Aphrodite’s daughters attacked me and everybody ‘who don’t get the taste and imagination’ and gave us a makeover.”
“And that everybody means those demigods who are not Aphrodite’s children.” Travis grinned.
“Of course.”
“I’m really sorry Iris, but I have to tell you, they made a perfect work this time, so you can’t complain.”
“Oh, shut up.” The girl muttered.
In that moment, the Apollo children started to play the music but nobody wanted to start dancing first. So, they were just standing there and listening the sweet melody, until Pollux showed up.
“Don’t you think this is a little ridiculous?” He asked.
“You mean what?” Iris was following the music’s rhythm with her foot.
“This is not a feast. I don’t say we should drown ourselves into alcohol, just give a … volume to the party.”
“He is right.” Travis joined the conversation. “This is no fun.”
“Oh, you.” Iris shook her head, but she was smiling.
“Well, there won’t be any party if everybody just standing there like statues.” 
“Don’t look at me, I won’t-” Iris started, but she couldn’t finish it, because Timothy stopped before her and reached out his hand.
“May I?” He asked. “Somebody needs to do something and I don’t want to dance with the Aphrodite girls.”
“I wonder why.” Iris chuckled. “But you know if somebody got asked to dance before them, they kill that girl?”
“Then, why me?”
“You have troubles with them anyway, so one more reason to hate each other doesn’t count. And you can defend yourself.”
“The others can too.”
“And what if I step onto your feet?”
“You will?”
“No, but you are my friend, so I don’t have to worry.”
“I see your point.” Iris accepted the hand. “Okay but if the Aphrodite girls kill me, I will come back to haunt you.”
“I didn’t expect less.” Timothy smiled.

“How is the party going?” Jay got a minute brake so he joined his friends who were standing not so far from the tabels.
“Boring.” Pollux stated.
 “I will fell asleep soon.” Travis added.
“I love the music.” Tim said politely.
Connor didn’t say a thing just watched Iris who was dancing with Ian now. It seemed they having a good time, they were laughing at something. The Aphrodite girls who were dancing near them were looking at pair with burning anger.
“Iris is in trouble.” Jay nodded toward them.
“Why?” Tim pulled up his eyebrows. “Ian is her cousin.”
“Yes, a handsome cousin.” 
“I still don’t get it.”
“Don’t force yourself.” Travis patted his shoulder. “You may hurt yourself with thinking.”
“Just because I don’t understand the way girls thinking, I’m not stupid.”
“Man, nobody knows how girls’ brains are working.” The other demigod shrugged.
“Not even the girls.” Jay added.
A blonde, pretty faced girl showed up from the crowd and rushed toward them. She was from the Hermes Cabin – daughter of Euterpe, the Muse of the songs – and she was famous from her beautiful singing voice.
“Melody.” Travis greeted her. “What’s up?”
“Jay!” The girl hissed, ignoring the other demigod. “Where were you? You have to come back.”
“Mel, please, give me a minute.”
Melody crossed her arms before herself and nodded.
“Okay, but not more with a second.”
“You don’t… have something to do… somewhere else?”
“No. I won’t let you disappear.”
“You know,” Jay shrugged. Then, stay.” He turned to Travis. “What’s wrong with your brother? He looks terrible.”
“Guess.” The boy made a face and pointed at Iris.
“He still didn’t tell her?”
“What do you think?” The other demigod pulled up his eyebrows. 

The time was around two and the party was high. The Hermes Cabin with Pollux got the permission from Dionysus to manage things, - it was not so hard, he felt bored too - so the Hermes children first action was to bring a stereo hi-fi from somewhere, and to say the truth, nobody wanted to ask how they got their hands on it. Iris was dancing barefoot between an Apollo and a Hephaestus son. Connor – who didn’t want to dance – was sitting beside the hi-fi and ran the music. Travis was standing next to him and eating a sandwich.
“You know,” he swallowed the last bite “this party is not that boring.” 
“I still don’t like it.”
“What about stop moping around? Go, ask Iris for a dance.”
“Don’t force me to do something what you want! Go ahead, why don’t you ask it? ”
“Maybe I will.”
And when the next song started, Travis left his brother next to the hi-fi. She went straight to Iris and patted her shoulder. “May I?”
“Course.” The girl smiled.

“Maybe this is not the best tactics.” Pollux watched critically how Travis and Iris were dancing.
“Do you have any idea? Because I don’t.” Ian asked.
“Me neither.” Tim shook his head.
“I think I have one.” Jay said slowly. “We need some professional help.”

“Uhm, Rose…” Jay cleared his throat. “Can we disturb you for a moment?”
The girl turned away from the Hermes child with who she was talking, brushed her fingers through her shiny, golden braid.
“Yes?” She asked on an annoyed voice.
“We need your help.”

“What? You got to be kidding!” Rosalie laughed. “Me… helping Iris?”
“I know that you don’t get along well, but-”
“Don’t get along well?” The girl echoed. “She always makes fun of my sisters and everything we love! The last thing I would do in my life is helping her! And now, excuse me!”
“This was bad.” Tim commented.
“Thank you captain obvious.” 
“And now what?” Pollux asked from Jay.
“Hey guys how things went?” Ian rejoined them. “Guys?” He repeated little scared from Jay’s look.
“I know what we will do!” The other demigod shouted in joy.

“Why are you so sure?” Tim whispered to Jay.
“Remember, when I said he is handsome?”
“Yes, wh-” and in that moment, Tim understood it. “Oh!”
“That’s my smart boy!” Jay patted his shoulder.

 “No. I’m sorry Ian.”
“I understand, you hate her, she hates you. But you are the daughter of the goddess of love. This just means something. I thought you love seeing people happy.” Ian leaned forward and looked into the girl’s eyes. “Rose… I know what we ask is much, but please. She is my cousin.”
“O-okay.” The girl blushed deeply. “I see what I can do.”

“So, how are you feeling tonight?” Travis asked from Iris while they were dancing.
“Great since you are in charge.”
“The old Mr.D was an easy one.”
“I can imagine.”
“And…” Travis asked after he took Iris’ hand and spun her around “I wanted to ask about Connor.”
“Stop this Travis. Now.”
“I said, stop it!”
“Iris wait-”
But the girl already rushed out from the dance floor.

“Iris wait!”
“Rose…” the girl was shocked “you mean… me?”
“No, I meant the trees in the forest… of course you!” Rose came closer. “You are an idiot.”
“Thanks for letting me know.” Iris answered coldly.
“You know this without me.”
“Then, what?”
“You love Connor. Don’t argue with me, I know you do.”
“This is difficult Rose and not your business anyway. And our conversation is ending here. Bye.”
“I’m the daughter of Aphrodite,” Rose didn’t give up “so this is my only business. So, stay here and listen well.”
“Great.” Iris muttered. “The gods cursed me.”
“With somebody who wants to help?”
“Why are you doing this?” the girl asked back. “You don’t even like me.”
“I hate you, but this not means that everybody does. Go; tell him what you are feeling. What is the worse what can happen?”
“Let me see…” Iris answered sarcastically. “I embarrass myself and everybody will talk about this for summers.”
“And you want to play safe. You don’t think it worth a little risk?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“I said, this is difficult.”
“Try me.”
“I don’t want.”
“I want to hear.”
Iris bit her lip. 
“Okay, you won.” She gave up the fight.
“Tonight. You have to talk with him tonight.”
“That’s ridiculous, you know.”
“Shut up and promise.”
“I… promise. Just leave me alone.”
“Wonderful.” Rose smiled gracefully.

“Hi.” Melody stooped next to Connor. “You know, you should talk with Iris. She won’t wait forever.”
“What?” The girl’s honest and sudden words shocked Connor.
“Look, she has some great friends in the Hephaestus and the Ares cabin too. Don’t mention the Apollo sons and us.”
“Us?” That was the only thing what Connor could say. He hardly even caught the girl’s words.
“Hermes Cabin, you stupid.”
“Don’t call me stupid!” The boy hissed. “And don’t lecture me!”
Melody raised one eyebrow.
“But you need a lecture.”
“Who sent you anyway? My brother, right?”
“Rosalie Swan. Daughter of Aphrodite.”
“She is too good for talking to me in person?”
“They didn’t forget the golden mango.”
Connor smiled mischievously.
“That was a good one.”
Melody shook her head and wrinkled her nose.
“Anyway, Rosalie has a message for you.”
“I am all ears.”
“Mark my words, Stoll. If you don’t ask Iris out, somebody else will. Soon.”

The flickering candles softly lighted Iris’ figure as she was sitting on a bench. She placed her chin between her palms and watched the rest of the demigods who were still wake and dancing.
“You don’t want to go sleeping?” Connor sat down next to her.
“No, not really. I was just wondering.”
“About what?”
“I wish for him to be here. He would love this party… feast… whatever.”
Pain ran trough Connor’s face. 
“I see.” He whispered.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m sorry for disturbing you.” Connor stood up, but Iris grabbed his hand pulled him back.
“I want an explanation!” She demanded.
“You were talking about Luke, right?”
Iris was taken aback.
“To tell the truth, I was thinking about Castor.” She said on an icy voice. “I saw Pollux standing alone and I was just-” She blinked out the tears from her eyes and turned away her head.
Connor knelt down and gently turned back Iris’s face.
“I’m sorry.”
“Yes, you are sorry now!” Iris said harshly, fighting with her tears. “But why do you have to hurt me every time? And why do you have to bring up Luke every time?”
“Because I’m not him and I can’t and don’t want to be him!” Connor snapped. “I don’t want to live in his shadow, but it’s just apparently seems to be too long!”
“Why are you saying such things?” Iris whispered.
“You think I don’t hear when you muttering his name while are you sleeping?”
The girl blushed angrily.
“He is my friend! Of course I’m worrying about him! And yes, I miss him and I want him to be here!”
“What was between the two of you exactly?”
“That is none of your concern.”
“I thought you are my friend!” Connor jumped up. “Friends don’t have secrets!”
“And friends respect the other’s private life!” Iris jumped up too. She was really angry now.
 “I go, find Pollux.” She said finally. “I don’t want him to be alone.”
“Just for a moment… stop thinking about him!”
“He just lost his brother who was my friend!”
“Mine too!”
“Then, why don’t you care?”
“I care!” Connor yelled. “So, I know you mourn over his death so deeply,” his voice was sarcastic and sour” that you didn’t even cry. Not a single tear. Not until you mentioned him a couple of minutes ago when were talk about him AND LUKE! Don’t play with me, Iris!”
The girl stretched herself, cleared her throat and clenched her trembling fingers.
“You know better than me how I feel? You didn’t even consider that I wanted to cry but I couldn’t? What if Castor’s death just hurt too much, too deep? Okay. Great. Fine. You hurt me in every possible way now. Anything else you want to say?” She asked on a low voice.
They were staring at each other for a moment and then Connor smiled a little. He had nothing to lose now.
“I love you.”
“Excuse me?”
“I love you.” Connor reached out, hesitated for a moment, then ran his fingers trough Iris’ hair. “I love you, but I’m not Luke. And I’m afraid, in myself; I’m not enough for you.”
Iris touched his hand with her fingertips. “You are wrong.” She whispered. 
“Of course, you idiot!” Somebody shouted from above.
Connor and Iris looked up and they saw her friends hanging between the benches.
“What are you doing up there?” Iris asked and she could hardly choke her laughter.
“If you don’t kiss her Connor, I swear I will!” Ian warned him.
“But you are her cousin.” 
“Exactly. That’s the point.”
“Hurry,” Jay added “I don’t feel my leg!”
“And that’s your own fault!” Iris scolded him. 
Connor laughed a little and bent his head toward the girl’s, who stretched up and wreathed her arms round his neck. First, their kiss was tender, but later it deepened and became much more passionate. Iris felt something drizzling onto her face and Connor slowly released her.
“You are sparkling.” 
“You too.” Iris wiped off some lightening and glittering dust from Connor’s shoulders. “What’s this?”
“I have no idea.”
“It’s the expression of our gratitude about the two of you finally stopped being idiots!” Travis informed them.
“Look who’s talking about being an idiot, Mr.-hiding-on-a-tree and co.” Iris teased them. “Come down now, you fools.”
“Okay.” Travis gracefully jumped off from the benches, Ian and Jason followed him.
“Where are the others?”
“Pollux went to sleep and Tim was too considerate to come with us for a little peeking.” Ian summarized.
“I could drink something.” Jason moved his leg. “Come; let’s see what the others left for us.”
“Then, I think, I go to sleep.” Travis stretched himself. “I’m exhausted. This drama was too much for me.”
“I’m tired too.” Iris yawned. “I’ll skip the drink.”
 “Just one.” Connor asked.
“You can stay, if you want. I can find the cabin alone.”
“I will guard her, I promise.” Ian winked.
“Good night.” Connor kissed Iris’ forehead.
“Promise me, you won’t ruin the whole camp.” Iris sighed. “Chiron and Mr. D will be furious.” 
“You know us!” Travis put his arm around his brother’s shoulder and smiled at Iris.
“And that’s why I’m afraid.” The girl muttered on her way back to the Hermes cabin, with her cousin on his side.

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