#love #breastcancer #cancer #beawesome #thinkpink #designseeds #Maxiskirt #lacetank #selfexamtime #dianevonurstenberg #mint #anklebooties #prada #sunnies SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KEEP ME FROM GETTING THIS SET OUT TO YOU AS THIS IS THE THIRD TIME AND SOMETHING KEEPS GOING WRONG! By now you know the drill but last month I had a new sweet friend make this monthly set for me and she did a fabulous job. I couldn't deal with it because we now have another sister still in the hospital almost 3 months after she went for an MRI on her soar jaw. She was paralyzed 2 days later and to think we all thought it was TMJ!! She has never walked again.Unless God preforms a miracle she will never come home. She still has 2 children in school who have barely seen her since they didn't want them to be hurt or frightened but it is now way too obvious. They are beginning to act out since I think they already figured this thing out. 
They have removed a kidney, spinal chord (unsuccessful) brain surgery removing 4 and again not totally successful and today they started radiation on her face that they can't do surgery on. $ still on her lungs and I can't even continue with this. My point to you all, my friends, is pleased do not walk away from any small suspicion that something might be wrong of any nature. Of course the insurance has said they will not approve the radiation and chemo but the kind and loving doc's are doing it anyway because it would be the only saving grace if it works. They started on her face today and I can't talk any more now. Please Please pray for our family comfort and peace as we are having marital strife and many know I have brain damage from a drunk driving accident so I am now seeing a psychiatrist being diagnosed with just one more thing. PTSD from my childhood. I must leave it at this and simply ask you to remember what this does to your family when faced with just the one type of cancer that I do this set for. It is so important to take care of your health for your sake and your families. I just hope this touches one life making you aware of the expenses and other burdens that the family has to struggle through
So this is a bit more serious this month as it deals with more than just breast cancer! Please love your friends and family so much that you will spread this story and make one person see how complicated this can be. I love all of my PV friends and never want to see anything like this in you or your families. May God Bless everyone of my friends here and make you wise enough to see this mater as extremely serious!! Love, San XXOO P.S. I hope this makes sense as I am falling asleep! Lol.. I just realized that not everyone understand what PTSD is. Well it is the same thing that our soldiers come home from war with many times after seeing so many dead bodies or actually having to kill someone yourself which I shiver to ever imagine and they truly are but mere children themselves as you know even at 20 years old you do not have a fully formed brain! Watching your best buddy blown up in a fox hole that you are in with is such a traumatic thing! Finally they have realized that normal civilians can end up with the same problem,. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (or Disorder) from the things they have seen, been made to do, sexual and mental or other physical abuse they suffered and I don't at this time wish to verbalize my horrible childhood but one thing is that I thank God for the knowledge that he has given the doc's that it does cause psychological problems and there are meds. that help. All of those nightmares for years all have recognizable meaning and all the number of years of lack of sleep were fears. I am getting a bit more sleep but all isn't well because it simply takes time to get the combo of drugs adjusted when I am already on so many. 
This will be our 30th anniv. in Dec and I never dreamed that someone wouldn't be able to handle the "through sickness and in health" aspect of your vows after that many years! So I also ask for that prayer that he will understand I didn't do this stuff to myself it was at the hands of others. I thank you friends once more for being just that and praying that he can deal with yet another health problem of mine on top of Rosemary with such horrible cancer! I love you all soo much and hope you never have to or are not suffering some of these same things. God Bless all of you once again!! San XXOO <3 <3
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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
Wonderful set on early reminder about Breast Cancer Awareness!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for sharing your story, I am saddened for all the pain you and our family have faced and still face. You have my prayers, for strength and good health for all of you. X

Wrote two years ago


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