I'll maybe make a set, kinda time that I finally tell some people why my status is forever going to be single/it's complicated :/ count on it to be long...

But hey, how are you? I hope your summer break is going great, that your getting that dream tan, that amazing day you've been daydreaming about since school started haha& that well you finally got that one guy who's been crossing your mind for so long to finally notice you. If they haven't happened yet, then don't rush things, after all summer HAS just begun:) hang in there love! Don't stress, please when things seem like they are at their worst, hang in there because that's just life throwing something at you-just throw something even better at life or do the unexpected-sleep the day away and eat a nice jar of Nutella:). 

I love you guys, keep dreaming sweets, you lovely/talented/beautiful/shmexy(inside joke in reality)/amazing people!!!! PM me if you ever wanna talk to me or just vent, and I'll give you advice on whatever it is-I'm a certified advisor at Seventeen magazine...online that is:) so you can bet I'll be there!

Stay beautiful lovelies,
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