Theodora "Theo" Corby, DRC2.0
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Wednesday 8/08
+ Visiting the older brother at his office.

"What did mum tell you about those?" I said smirking as approached my older brother leaning against the wall with a cigarette in his hand. His expression seemed to be utterly priceless; it was true though, I never visited him. 

Or very rarely anyway.

"Don't give them to your little sister" he replied with a shrug. Our mother had told us many things about smoking but I guess he had found that particular piece of advice quite useful right now.

"Oh shut up and give it here" I said as I attempted to snatch it out of his hand.

"Don't disobey mother, Theodora" Lakyn spoke; dragging out my entire name causing my attempts to snatch his cigarette to become more quick and swift. It the matter of moments I held the cigarette in my hand and smirked from a couple meters away. "Oi, bring it back here" he exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest. 

"Mother isn't here right now, is she?" I mocked him, pouting and pressing the cigarette to my lips and blowing out a couple rings of smoke. 

"If she was, she'd have a f*cking heart attack" Lakyn said, having to run to catch up with me as I taunted him with the cigarette. I would casually smoke with a smirk, keeping my distance from my brother. 

"Here, party pooper" I chuckled, handing him the cigarette and running a hand through my hair. 

"Says the chick in pink" Lakyn paused, "Barbie puke on you" he chuckled, standing on the cigarette butt.

"You're just scared because you can't wear pink" I began to tease him with a smirk, resulting in a scoff from Lakyn.

"Why are you here?" he asked eyeing me off. "Did you get fired?" he asked with an eyebrow raised. 

"Laykn, no. Can't I just show up to see my favourite big brother?" I asked innocently. I wasn't going to tell him that all I wanted to do was see Dave.

"I am your only brother and again what are you doing here?" he asked scrunching his face up slightly.

"Wait, did I say brother? I meant, older sister" I laughed, a smirk plastered on my face and recieving a roll of the eyes from Lakyn. "But actually, I came to see if you want something for lunch or something since you're 'so busy'" I spoke with air quotes around 'so busy' and grinned. 

"I am not a girl!" Lakyn murmured, crossing his arms like a small child. "Why are you being nice?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. 

"For f*ck sake, can I not do something good every now and then?" I questioned him; he made me out to be some sort of witch or really nasty. I never thought I was that bad. 

Was I? 

"Macca's?" he grinned as his eyes began to light up. 

"Do you want a toy with that happy meal?" I mocked him, before shrugging. "Sure, I'll be back shortly" I waved, beginning my path towards his (secretly) favourite take-away restaurant. 

"Don't spit in my food either" he yelled after me, I rolled my eyes. He knew me too well. 

"But I'm in love" I heard Dave say hopelessly. "Since when you a 15 year old girl?" I heard my brother cut in, unamused.

"I'm being serious.It just everything like it's not only the s*x which by the way is..." Dave began trailing off. 

"I bring Macca's, big sis!" I called as I entered the work place and earning a couple glares from those I came across. I entered the room at the moment where Dave had mentioned s*x and I then heard Lakyn's voice. I didn't know whether to be furious at how freely he spoke about it or honored that we bragging. 

"Thank God!" Lakyn spoke, reaching for the paper bag in my hand; clearly relieved that I had arrived and perhaps he thought my presence would shut Dave up. And it did. I wasn't the only person who had noticed either. "What cat got your tongue, Dave?" Lakyn asked before shoving a couple french fries into his mouth. 

"No, what are you talking about?" Dave asked, in a shocked tone and stealing glances at me as he attempted to be subtle. 

"Oh, I'm in love. Oh, her lips are perfection. Oh, the s*x is ah-mazing" Lakyn mocked as he smirked; leaning on his desk chair and enjoying Dave's silence and his McDonald's. 

"I thought it'd be common curtesy to be polite around your sister, at least" Dave spoke, smiling a little at me. At least he was trying to cover up his bragging and 'attempting' to earn my brother's respect. 

"F*ck being polite, Dave. I'm a bad girl" I smirked, stealing a french frie from Lakyn. I knew I shouldn't have but it had become a fun little game to me; I winked at Dave when Lakyn was staring admiringly into his food. 

I saw the way it killed Dave and it brought me satisfaction. 

"Later" I mouthed, winking again; turning on my heel and saying my good-byes.
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