All Is Love - Karen O & The Kids
Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack is ahhmazing♥

Hey guisee!

Today's been a good day, adventurin' and shiet.
I went to Hollywood today with my mom and little brothers, and we ate at Mel's drive in- best resturant evaaaah!
We then walked around, and looked at the hand/footprints in front of the Chinese Mann Theaters (:
and we watched Avengers at the El Capitan haaay~
Now, I'm at my dad's office playing around with my brothers and pretending I'm my mom since I'm at her work desk. (they both work together haaay)

Over all, it's been a good Sunday(:

+ Outfit Of The Day -
Oversized Denim Blouse
Floral Sheer Romper W/ Ruffles
Black / Tan Flip Flops
Stacked chain necklaces
Black Fringe Over the shoulder Bag
Black Ray Ban sunglasses
+ Makeup -
Red tinted shiny Lip Gloss
+ Hair -
Natural ; Hair half pinned up with a white bow

Gonna pretend to be my mom lool, byee(:


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