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ugh i met this adorable guy (well, he barely knows i exist). he goes to another public school and he's super smart and really handsome and likes to wear tuxes. i met him once at state science fair but we only talked briefly. so now i see him again... omg. this year if if he does science fair again (well, he went to internationals) then i'm going to get his facebook :]

which reminds me ever since i've entered high school i've been giving no f-ck about my personal appearance whatsoever. i need to start putting in some effort, beg my mom for contacts, wear more feminine clothes (i usually just show up to school with jeans, a beaten-up pair of sperries, a plain t-shirt, and a cardigan), do my hair nicely, etc.

Tmrw (Sunday) I'm going to visit my friend at her boarding school, one of the schools connected to my school's network. I'm going to catch up with her and also meet her boyfriend.
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