finally a bai set/story for ya'zzs! read up, children!

bowery ballroom. lana and arden were mindlessly rocking their heads to the last song of the vines' set. a song called: i only get stoned with you. a real classic. they were opening for mgmt. arden wasn't really even listening, just thinking about the past month. she and micah had ended whatever sort of relationship they had, but they decided to stay good friends. how it should have been from the start. arden had been kind of seeing / not seeing this fellow called andy samberg, who she had drunkenly hooked up with 2 months previously. he had been calling a lot lately, but arden wasn't sure whether or not she wanted a steady relationship with anyone… andy was 31 going on 32… and even though he acted like a 21-year-old who was in puppy dog love, she didn't know. but damn, did he flirt well. arden smiled to herself. the beer was definitely getting to her. lana looked over at her and drunkenly smiled back. lana whispered in arden's ear that andy vanwyngarden would be on the stage soon. and with that, arden could only think of the man's face…
'how could anybody be so good looking?! i mean, honestly!' arden exclaimed.
'annnnnd i will only get stoned with youuu!" micah sang the last words to the song. and everyone clapped… in anticipation for mgmt, of course.
after waiting for what seemed like an hour and 3 guinness bottles later, the audience (but mostly lana and arden) were screaming like wild animals about to go in for the kill. andy vanwyngarden walzed onstage like it was no big deal whatsoever. lana and arden looked at each other with wide bright eyes ;) and looked in awe as mr. vanwyngarden shouted, 'hello new york city! this one's called: it's working.' and with that, he began the show.
it seemed as though lana and arden were getting high off his appearance alone. for a moment, his love was their drug. (but in a totally un-kesha way. because they didn't like his beard…) in-between songs, when there was silence, lana shouted 'you're dangerously handsome, andrew!' at the top of her lungs. arden drunkenly added 'yeah!' for the full effect, even though she sounded like a creepy fangirl. andrew laughed, said thanks into the mic and added quickly that the next song was for 'those two pretty young things in the front row' and they started playing kidsssss and lana and arden basically had their own little rave and everything was right in the world.

… but arden didn't see micah's frown a few rows back.

the next day, arden got a grande chai tea latte and went shopping with jackie. they were going out for lunch in a couple days with seth and andy.
'i need to find a dress for seth!' jackie said as they roamed through bloomingdales. 
'a dress, for seth? is he confused about something…' arden said, although she knew exactly what jackie meant.
'god, arden' jackie laughed. 'what about this? is it too… red?'
'you need something a little racier… like this little number…' arden pulled a slinky (yet classy) little black dress.
'wow. i like, i like.' jackie said.
'and i know someone else who will like it even better off of you…' arden winked and handed it over.

after shopping, both girls opened their apartment door and fell, exasperatedly, on the couch. shopping bags to the floor. arden checked her text messages. two missed. 1 from micah. #2 from an unknown number...

1. 'call me'
2. i know what you're doing with MY boyfriend. and karma's a bit ch...
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