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-from 'The Greek Life'

name: daisy hampton
age: eighteen
birthday: april first
idol: galileo galilei
likes: watching the stars, the new york yankees, bad boys, ella’s boyfriend, astronomy, saturday night live, playing tennis, rock music
dislikes: feeling guilty, rap music, working on her family's farm, oatmeal, raisons, jazz music, fast food, snobs, losers, morons, racists, sexists, people who are lame, people who think she's boring
major: astronomy
bio: daisy grew up in idaho, daughter of a farmer and a librarian with her younger sister. she decided that working on a farm wasn’t the life for her. she envision a more glamourous life - one where she could wear high heels to work if she wanted to and wouldn’t have to worry about watering vegetables. immediately when she walked into her dorm at cyprus, she clicked with her roommate ella. the two bonded of their similar tastes in music and ever since they’ve been inseparable even rushing for zbz together. some people consider the two of them to be the next cammie and dee or blair and serena. but this fabulous duo has a crack in their fortress of friendship. the two share more than just nail polish but also boyfriends. little does ella know but daisy’s been getting horizontal with ella’s boyfriend and now dais can’t help but wonder if there’s something more than just sex going on between the two of them. what will this blonde do?
model: erin heatherton
taken by: flowersforalice

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