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Stella Bancroft // TIG

✔ January 11, 2014
Welcome ladies to another year of fabulousness. We hope you're all getting cozy up at your Ivy schools because you've all been graciously invited to join TIG in your inauguration dinner party! You want to impress these peoples so come dressed in your favorite couture and grab your plus one! This get together will be held in your old home Manhattan. Dress for the chill because this is going to be a rooftop party

Normally, I would have said hello. A gasping light hello like I had just been out saving someone's life until the caller interrupted me. I'd have put on my sweetest falsetto and cooed out every syllable. It was ingrained in me, hard to break. Every impression counts, even over the phone.

But now, I was practically yelling, irritation seeping out of my voice, so thick that it could kill someone. It was the day of my return to Manhattan from Providence so I had caught the train and was ready for a peaceful two or three hours depending on how smoothly everything ran. I bought my ticket, batted my eyes, and somehow or another - either the small mention of my surname or the small talk of why exactly I was on this trip - landed me an upgrade to Amtrak, the far more luxurious train with leather seats and greater legroom. Not a private jet, but it would have to do. The commotions of today however had soured my mood and I especially didn't want to receive all calls. I was already busy thinking up my introduction in my head or which girl I should talk to first.

"What?" I snapped, bringing my iPhone up to my ear, highlighting a list of names that lay on my knees. I'd gotten it from a connection - the Ivy Girls roster. I never liked to be unprepared at a social event so I'd thought I'd take a quick peak of my established peers.

"Stella, when is that ever an appropriate tone?" The shrill voice of my mother entered into my ear. I could imagine her wrapped up in a Lanvin coat with a fur collar, casually calling me from Barney's as she always did with a no foam latte in her manicured hand. 

I rolled my eyes. "What do you want, mother?"

"I wanted to know how your ride is. Did you pay for your ticket alright?" She answered.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm on the train right now. I have my luggage all packed for the weekend." I craned my neck as the train came to a halt at another station. "I'm passing through New Haven right now. I should be there soon. Thanks for checking in on me."

"Wait, before you go, did you pack that, um, special bag?" Mother grew quiet and there was a short pause.

"What? Why?"

"I don't know. Don't you know some people from here?" Her insinuation was obvious and I knew what she was indirectly trying to tell me, probably so I don't embarrass myself on the train ride by screaming at her. I pinched the bridge of my nose and decided carefully what I was going to say back to her. 

"Mother, don't you think I deserve a break? This is for a social meeting, I'm supposed to impress everyone. That alone is enough pressure. What would ever make you think to call him? I don't even know if I'm going to have time for that?" By the end I was losing it and if she said one more thing I would probably make a stop at Barney's before heading home so I can strangle her. She was such a godd.amn idiot most of the time.

"He's your best, Stella. He deserves to know when you're in town. It's not like you couldn't use the money. Besides, I've already called up his residence and left a message. I even told him about your meeting today - what was it the College Ladies? I think it would be a marvelous idea if he came with you." 

"You did what?" I looked over my shoulder at the woman across the aisle that was now starting to give me a look. I hushed down my voice, "Mom, you can not tell him about that. If it ever got back to anyone involved in the group then I am finished. You really think they want Ivy League call girls? No, they want wholesome, charitable young ladies not f.ucking hookers. Think about me for one second and think about my reputation since it clearly is not a top priority for you. Chuck is not coming with me and I'm not seeing him. That's the end of it."

"Watch your language. That tongue is going to come back to bite you. You are not a prostitute, Stella, don't be ridiculous. However, I arrange these…jobs and you are so ungrateful. Of course I care about your reputation - you are my reputation. Now, you will see Mr. Spencer and you will be your delightful self, understand?"

I stayed silent. I knew there was no point in arguing with her, she always seemed to get her way. She was such a liar. When Daddy lost everything, she had immediately proposed this idea to me. Not even a day had passed when she barged into my room with bags of La Perla lingerie and told the easiest way to make money known to woman kind. She's deny it all, of course, and say she just wants me to socialize as an up and coming debutante with a lot on the line. She thinks of this as socializing as if all these men really want to talk with me for an hour. She knows that's not what they're paying for; she's too stubborn to admit it. 

"Fine." Defeated and feeling my face scrunch up as if I was about to cry, I slouched back in my seat. I never spoke so openly with her about it. It was strange, uncomfortable. I was such a filthy girl. 

"Fantastic. Call me when you're in New York I'll pick up something for you in Barney's. Goodbye."

I ended the call and absently stared out my window. Girls passed by, with big Louis Vuitton carry-ons or the newest Mulberry totes. They looked so happy, these anonymous girls, like they were going on an exciting adventure to New York to reenact Breakfast at Tiffany's or share a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's with their new beau. That's another opportunity I'll miss - a real lover who cares for you and calls you every night to see how your day is or meets up with you for coffee, nothing fancy, just because he misses your face. I was stuck in the prison of five star hotel rooms with endless champagne and men who only cared about themselves. I would never be the wife, only the mistress and too shameful to ever let into the public light. I was disgusting.

I shook my head and picked up my highlighter again, scanning the list of Ivy Girls. I didn't have time for self-pity. 


"And that's how I knew I was actually in Calculus II, instead of 19th century Demo." Kerry finished with a light chuckle. 

To be completely honest, I had no idea what she was talking about or even why she was talking to me. I didn't even remember giving her my name. I did however remember those glasses of Pinot Grigio, which significantly helped in these types of conversations.

I laughed politely. "Oh, that's so funny." I toyed with the idea of pursuing her story, maybe asking her about her favorite professors or where she thought the best place to grab coffee was off campus, but then I remembered how I was lead into this long story and decided to keep my lips sealed.

"I love that dress on you. It's so elegant." Kerry grinned. I could tell she was trying and that was nice to know, I suppose.

"Oh, thank you. Just a little something I picked up. Feel free to borrow one day, you can just stop by my dorm sometime." I offered trying to be sweet and friendly. I hope I didn't sound too eager, though. This dress cost about one night of my time. 

"Wow, thanks, that's nice of you." I couldn't tell if she was actually pleased or just spitting out the socially acceptable response when someone offers you anything.

"No problem. Anything for a fellow Brown, right?" I smirked and locked eyes with Cat Van Der Smith, daughter of a retired supermodel, who was accompanied by Regina Bloomberg, the former mayor's daughter. They were at the top of my list of highlighted names. "Excuse me."

I walked over, hand extended and showing off my shiny cocktail ring. "Hello, I'm Stella Bancroft. Pleasure to meet you."

Cat shook it and half-smiled. "Stella, nice to meet you too. I'm Catherine, you can call me Cat."

Regina stayed quiet then parted her lips. "Regina Bloomberg." 

I smiled, trying my best to be radiant and cheery. "Can you believe how gorgeous this place is? It's such a perfect view of Manhattan from up here."

Cat shrugged. "Yeah, it is beautiful, but you kind of get used to it when you've been here all your life."

"Right, right. You go to Colombia?" I nodded, staring down at the passing crowds on the streets.

"Yes, I love it there. Where do you study?" She asked, sipping on her drink. I presumed it was nothing more than water since she seemed like a good girl type.

"I go to Brown in Providence, Rhode Island. I was raised in Manhattan, though." I grinned, glancing at Regina's face. "So nice to be home again. Regina, this must really feel like home for you, huh? I mean with your family's wonderful contribution to the city. Your father was a great mayor."

She nodded solemnly. "I guess. I don't feel that way, though. I've been to Europe too many times." 

"Of course." Well at least no one could ever claim I didn't try with her. She seemed to be completely disinterested and instead solely focused on roaming around the rooftop. 

Maybe I should follow suit and introduce myself to a few more girls. There were the other Colombia girls like Miss South Africa Mandy Hendrik or Robyn Adams. Maybe the quiet redhead who seemed to just float around making meaningless small talk. I'm sure she'd heard a lot of secrets and was probably good at keeping them too. Or the Mia, the Croatian girl, who had a sour pout on her face and a glass of wine in her hand - my kind of friend. I was trying to decide who to strike up a conversation with next, until my phone pinged and light up with a new message. Was it impolite to check texts at a dinner party? I was quite sure so I decided it was better to cower by the corner and discreetly take it out of my Prada bag. I eyed the screen and immediately wanted to throw something. 

CHUCK SPENCER: Great to hear from you, S. Waldorf tonight @ 10? Room 329. Need to catch up. 

Looks like I won't be attending any after parties.

x, S

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