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I actually like how this set turned out :)

what: ‘the watch’ movie premiere
place: chinese theatre, 5pm
attire: dressy, but gowns not necessary
other: jonah hill, vince vaughn and ben stiller star in this sci-fi comedy, but it’s really the after party that’s the drawcard. everyone in hollywood who’s even mildly funny will be there.

I scanned the crowd, trying to find someone even remotely familiar. Daddy never did many comedies, so he didn't bother to come, especially since he wasn't exactly best friends with Ben or Vince, even though they'd been to our house a few times for miscellaneous parties. And besides them, Jonah wasn't as funny in real life, and the rest of the people in the movie were losers. Finally I spotted Ebony amongst a clump of newbies, and I pulled her away to get some champagne. 

"I love premieres," Ebony smiled, bubbling with her happy persona, which most people thought was fake like her face. But Ebony was actually a nice person no matter what the tabloids said. The tabloids were the biggest load of crap since basically ever. "Oh my God, I think I just saw Gwyneth." 

I rolled my eyes. Ebony had never met Gwyneth in person, and every time she supposedly saw her, she begged me to introduce her. Gwyn and Dad had been in more than one movie together, so naturally she just another A-List celeb who could almost be my aunt. "That's not her, that's that D-List actress who looks like a basset hound." 

"Cat!" Ebony swatted at my arm. "Are you sure it's not her?"

"Positive," I sighed. "Besides, she'd never come to the premiere of /this/. I don't even know why /I'm/ here."

"Come on, the movie was funny," Ebony said, taking a small sip of her flute as I downed the whole thing in a second. 

"I guess," I replied with a shrug. "I'm gonna go find Carter."

"Hollywood's Hottest It Couple Shows Up To 'The Watch' Premiere In Coordinating Ensembles," Ebony giggled. She nudged her chin toward the bar area. "I saw him earlier. You planned it, didn't you?"

"Maybe." I smirked, snaking through people until Jess and Millie grabbed me by the elbows. I turned around, grinning.

"Hey b-tches," I smiled, reaching for another champagne flute. "Ready to make this party actually a party?" I pulled them together closer, opening up my clutch to show my stash. Jess gasped a little and Millie clucked her tongue.

"Uh Cat, I thought you were going to flush that stuff," Jess said in a whisper. "Why the h-ll did you bring that here?"

"Oh Jess it's fine, half the people here have some," Millie told her, blowing out a breath. "But you really shouldn't."

"You guys are boring," I snapped. "Since when do you care?"

"Since you got on the front page of US Weekly," Jess replied, pursing her lips. 

"Yeah but that was a rumor."

"A rumor that's true," Millie said with a short laugh. "Whatever Cat, but everyone knows Carter hates the stuff. He won't take you home if he sees you shoot up."

"Well he won't see then, will he?" I smiled deviously, leaving them to mingle as I brushed past that skank Charlotte and her dress that left nothing to anyone's imagination. I scrunched my nose at her as I passed, making mental note to find out who her stylist was and make sure to never hire her in a million years.

"Excuse me," someone said briskly, bumping past me as her eyes flashed wildly, searching frantically for someone. I recognized it was that freak Penny who was after Ryder, Julia's husband. Julia and I went back to my modeling days, and I hated that weirdo Penny even before I met her.

"Don't waste your breath," I called after her but she didn't hear me. Instead Hadley, basically the ugly version of Zooey Deschanel mixed with Gwen Stefani, glanced back at me with a raised eyebrow before turning back to her group of lesbian friends. I was about to flip her off when Carter slipped his hand around my waist, handing me a new glass of white wine.

"Ohh yum," I said, gulping it down. "Hey." I kissed his cheek, lingering there for a second before I looked into his pretty blue eyes. 

"Hey," he smiled. "You know the guys have been giving me crap about these clothes." 

I smirked. "Well we match, and that makes us even cuter. Besides, the cameras love it." I straightened the lapel of his off-white blazer, smiling at my handiwork. A few flashes went off not far from us, and we turned toward them with bright, too-happy grins.

"James said I was better off wearing nothing," he whispered to me as the cameras continued to flash and pop and the paparazzi continued to shout and snap. 

"Mm, I agree."

He laughed. "Maybe we'll do that next premiere. Deal?"

"Au naturale, hmm... I like it," I grinned. 

"Maybe we should practice the look first..." He whispered again. "Later, back at my place. Make sure we get it down."

"Is that an invitation?" Shivers ran through me even though I'd been to his condo hundreds of times. But still. Carter was the hottest catch right now, and to have him asking me to come back with him always made me feel dizzy. 

"I'll see you later, Cat," he said with a peck on my forehead. "Don't do anything fun without me."

"I won't," I called after him as he went over to talk with Ryan Seacrest, who was beckoning him over. I'd already talked to Ryan when I'd first gotten there, and now it was my turn to have a little fun that Carter didn't need to know about.

I went over to the bar area, ordered some vodka, and slipped a little of my pretty powder into the glass before anyone could even blink an eye.

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