And I have to keep my mind occupied for a little while longer tonight. So I'm thinking about writing.

I've decided in the last 10 minutes that I really ought to buckle down on a novel seriously this year, if I want to make professional writer my career plan B. I don't know why this is worrying me right now, but, don't worry about me.

But, please do help me?

You see. I can never buckle down on one novel and write it because I have too many ideas and not enough patience for one with the proper amount of care and research and what have you without getting distracted by another. 

For example, this set was meant for my other NaNo idea back in October. It was a fantasy thing. I still like the idea very much, except that it lacks a particularly strong plot.. I've been hoarding this in my drafts waiting to complete this collection with a full backstory in it. But I work on that only every now and then. And I realized I could probably publish this finally, without the collection [that'll come later, when it's finished.]. But I never finished because I got distracted with Blame the Stars, which I didn't finish because...well no good reason there.

Since you guys here are currently my only audience for writing, and I don't feel stupid sharing even ideas I think are stupid with the polycrowd, I want your opinion. I am going to narrow down my top favorite novel synopses which I currently have. I want you to all vote on your top two. Base this vote on what you would read if you didn't know me and were browsing for new books. What sort of story line would catch your attention, especially in terms of most intriguing or most original. 

These will be really brief. If you want more info, I might have some to clarify or elaberate on, so let me know.

I would like many many people to vote, so I'm going to start by tagging some people to get your attention. =]


Alright. Here are my favorites:

~The Marie Antoinette Diet: Coco McKey, a stylish New Yorker befriends socially awkward girl, Ruby Boone, after moving to Montesano, Washington in their junior year of high school, and leads her into a decadent fantasy world in which Coco is the star. Ruby will have to learn to seperate herself ;est she too become consumed by Coco's obsessive madness with infamy and immortality.

~Sythetica [working title]: In a parallel America, drugs are as common as drinking water and all the corporate world is obsessed with getting consumers hooked and placid. Superhero Eloise Kale, aka the Midnight Prowler, is onto an even larger conspiracy, and is ready to trudge through the supernatural underworld to figure it out and open the glazed eyes of society. Rock Gods, alien drug lords, and a love sick dorkboy aid her along her mission to save the nation from itself.

~Blame the Stars: Astro is a world where instead of religion, there is astrology, and there's no seperation between church and state. Xanthe, a Sag and Scum, has made a mess of things by hacking and stealing from a very powerful business man, accidentally setting off a rebellion. Add a very addictive and previously non-existent drug into the mix and you've got a journey that will take her from the slums to the city to the stars themselves.

~2018 [working title]: An urban fantasy tiology, 12 girls are chosen by fate to carry on the powers which keep the universe in balance. At 18, these girls are unprepared for the change, and for the war Limbo declares on Earth at its most vulnerable. Demons, death, messengers, and monsters--each of the 12 have their own role to play in saving the universe. With college applications due, a gang-war subpplot, and plenty of the usual romance, purgatory may be the least of their troubles--and how are a bunch of teenage girls going to save the planet anyway, when they're having enough trouble saving themselves.
*[So this one I've been working on refining the plot for like...4 years maybe. Since I got into Buffy and other things I see a lot of similarities which are now influencing what was already there. But it's still my teen novel baby.]

~Milennimania [working]: In an alternative summer of 1999, an alien space ship is spotted by hundreds in broad daylight at Venice Beach, CA--but was it a hoax? Hollywood elite, the FBI, and a group of disenchanted high school graduates all attempt to uncover the truth, intermingling with their day-to-day lives, before the 20th century comes to an apocalyptic conclusion.

~The Lost Girls of the Emerald Cliffs [working]: In a school by the sea, 13 girls tell their stories through one school year of their lives together. Each have incredible pasts, and whimsical adventures, and all must come to terms with themselves before they can move on into their next lives.

~Tropicana: It's summertime at the Blue Lagoon resort in Miami Florida, a fantasy land for vacationers, and host of the Little Miss Tropicana pageant. But something dark lurks under paradise, and our cast of has been and starlets each have their own secret agenda. Blood is on the line, and nightmares become reality before a dark comedy of errors can answer the timeless dilemma:--what do you want from life?

So it just occurred to me that I am putting these ideas on the internet where they can be knicked from me...but I really want help, so, vote fast so I can started straight away and claim the rights? [I've been especially paranoid all weekend, no mind.]. Please and thank you. PICK TWO REMEMBER. Rad.

[Also, nevermind the fact that I have a thing for crazy people, aliens, apocalypses, and drugs.]
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Wrote 4 years ago
Such amazing and creative ideas! The first two are my favorite, but they're all wonderful.

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
Well I'm a little late but I couldn't help commenting once I read your fantastic ideas, Sythetica is my number one followed by 2018 ,I think, though it was a tough choice.
For the record I'm terrible at finishing my writing, I started a book called Sympathy for the Devil about a guy who was evil incarnate but didn't have a clue, the plot involved time traveling monks, Natzi's and a group of scientists know as the disciples, it all sounds so crazy when I write it now but I genuinely loved it, the only problem was that I never got past the 15th chapter and I constantly went back over and over again editing, infact I spent more time editing and re-writing than moving the story forward, anyway I'm rambling you really should go ahead and write your novel, you are extremely talented and I would probably buy any one of the above stories going of the blurbs.

Wrote 5 years ago



{ bring back whimsy.}

{ bring back whimsy.}

“Our whole life is an attempt to discover when our spontaneity is whimsical, sentimental irresponsibility and when it is a valid expression of our deepest desires and values.”
~Helen Merell Lynd
what ever happened to the lovely sets? the whimsical ones with light pretty colors and items that made us gasp and say "why, that is quite magnificent!"?
they're here, tucked away in a special place.
{our philosophy}
we are ladylike and proper. we drink tea with our cats and even let them have a taste. frilly dresses and pink are what we're made of.
join and submit your whimsical sets.

NaNoWriMo 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016

Here's a list of our NaNo accounts:

I am sure you all have tons of ideas for NaNo, but if you want to share things or are looking to get ideas or inspiration, or would like to develop an aspect of your story by making a set about it (which often helps me get unstuck), here’s a list of ideas (which everyone is highly welcome to expand!!!!! ;))
Feel free to explain as much or as little as you like!
- Tell us about your idea: What is is, where did it come from?
- What genre would you call your story? Queer space romance? Dieselpunk Western opera? Biopunk Time travel noir? Renaissance dystopia superheroes? Tell us!
- Introduce your characters! (Obvs you can do this in as many sets as you like) who are they, what are their names, what do they do? What do you like or not like about them?
- Give an idea of your setting(s): Is it a real place? Fantastical? Spooky? Is it Renaissance Germany? Futuristic Bangkok? What feelings, ideas, etc do you associate with it? What time(s) is your story set in?
- Share your NaNo playlist! What songs inspire you? If your story was a movie, what would its soundtrack be?
- If your story had one theme song, what would it be? Bonus: Imagine this song was playing during your storie's movie trailer: What does that trailer look like?
- Talk about your antagonist: Is it a person? A force of nature? A genetically-enhanced poodle? An eco-terrorist? A cyborg doppelgänger Cinderella ? What is their motivation?
- Explain your title, if you have one!
- Is there one quote that inspires you or sums up the core of your story? Tell us about it and why it inspires you.
- Theme: Do you have one? What do you think your story will ultimately about? The impossibility do get decent cheese in space? The meaninglessness of life itself and robotic relationships especially? The questions whether or not cows are philosophic? Tell us!
- Spoiler us: What is the big twist coming to surprise all characters and readers? Is the friendly miller’s wife really an alien spy? Did your main character actually eat all the soylent green cookies and is transforming into a cannibalisitc superhuman? Was it the preacher’s dog who murdered the major by accident? Do your characters suspect anything?
- Deaths: Who is going to die in your story? Is it 500 Pro-Marsian invaders, two prized pet turtles, a main character?
- On a happier note: Food! Talk to us about food in your novel: Are there futuristic coffee shops in cyber-Bangkok or are absinthe infusions all the rage? Is your character’s vegan bff really a robot spy? How did your pirate crew stumble upon that sushi place? So many questions!
- More inspiration: Found a pep talk you think is amazing? Share it!
- Moodboards: need to try out if Pushing Daisies and steampunk really go together? Want to see what happens when Greek mythology meets decopunk noir? Trying to combine Mayan shapeshifters and romantic comedy? Imagining Red Riding Hood on a military space base? Share ALL your inspo boards!
- Got stuck? Need ideas? Explain your dilemma and let us rush to the rescue!

Introducing the PLOT BUNNY EXCHANGE option:
- Do you have cool ideas you can’t use this year, but that you don’t want to go to waste? Share them! If you would like to give them up for adoption, tell us, so a fellow NaNoer might use your idea instead!

Have fun! Let's get writing! ♥

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