Second old draft.

I love the shoes in the middle pictures, I've reblogged a billion pictures of them on Tumblr. I think they're Prada? Whoever makes them is a genius. Speaking of geniuses... I'm so glad it's fashion week! It's literally my favourite time of the year because of the new shows and the street style pictures and the model pictures and everything is just so damn perfect. I'm especially loving Candicec Swanepoel lately, she's so stunning and I love that she's doing a lot of high fashion now. Plus, her off-duty style is phenomenal - that shearling jacket she has? To die for. I hope Miranda is at Paris Fashion Week again, it would be an awesome surprise, she totally rocked it last time! Right now, I'm watching Khloe Kardashian Odom on Jimmy Kimmel Live (love him!) and her ombré hair is so nice... I'm thinking about doing it for spring but I'm kind of hesitant about dyeing my hair because it's so damaging and I like my hair. I got a haircut a few days ago while we were on vacation and I actually really like my hair now; my ends were so dry and damaged and now it's a bit shorter but it looks so much healthier. But yeah, I might dye my tips lighter when summer comes around! I actually can't wait for summer because winter this year has sucked. We didn't get a proper winter until late January and then it got super cold, like negative double digits. Which is fine but it's annoying to have that in February instead of December, you know? Anyway, now I'm just ready for the snow to fully disappear and for it to get warmer. I still need to work on my summer body (a lot, actually... oops) but hopefully I'll get there but I'm just super excited because I'm probably going to Oxford again! And one of my close friends from here might come with me AND someone I met there last year and became really close with might go again and I just really hope it happens because it was literally the best time EVER.

I should probably go do some homework now, I have so much to do... f*cking I.B. -.-

Sorry for the ramble!

Mir xx
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