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10 things about me:
1. I love Barry Manilow & Il Divo :P
2. I used to play hopscotch for hours as a child. Alone and content time.
3. I took all kinds of dance lessons from age 3 through high school. When I was 12, I got to do an adagio with a hunky 16 yr old guy :-)))
4. My best friend, who I met when I was late 40s, and I have powerful energy between us.
5. I have a strong synchonicity with the numbers 22 and 44 since the 80s. They are good numbers now. Just learned Alice in Wonderland's fav number is 42!
6. I founded a bunny care organization that educated new bunny owners. It's still going on today. I turned over the reins in 1997 coincidentally (?) before my memories began later in the year.
7. I feel a strong connection to the earth's energy force's and believe things like yoga and chakra work help tap into that resource.
8. Periwinkle blue is my favoritest color and has been since I identified it in the Crayola box in grade school.
9. I love little things in life and love that a little's voice expresses that delight...in a pretty flower or rainbow :-)
10. I am perpetually 27 as an internal adult and that's how I always feel...or younger. haha

I have no idea what that green ball means on my set but keep putting it on my sets. 

Am tagging only 5. Sadly I know few of my contacts & some I know are busy busy busy. Hope you don't mind. If so, just pass ;-)
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