spotify being a beatchh and reducing out listening time to 10 hours a month means that you should expect alot of Adam and the Ants or Simon and Garfunkle soundtracks, and bands like that - good stuff.


i'm going to grand designs live, tomorow! google it, it will be fantastic, i am so excited! i should, really, ramble on about how much i miss my little geek, but i think this is going to be angry. I hate you, not my geek, my idiot. I hate him so much i would rip off my own arm to throw at him. but the truth is, if he came home and told me he loved me, i wouldnt even hesitate, would think twice, and go to him. i still love you. I have a drawing in my room that i did, of Batman and the Joker. You were with me the night i drew it, and you wrote 'love from mr m xxx'. those tripple kisses, signature to you. you get upset when i dont match up. Its hillarious. you talk to me for hours the other day, and you neglect to tell me that your going to Veitnam. You went yesterday. I hate you. You broke my heart, and you still do. You said you would never hurt me, and then one day, you did. More than you could ever know. I cried in the street. People stared, and i didn't care, because all i cared about was you. You just turned around one day and said "you missed not knowing" and that was it. You didn't talk to me for months. When i needed you most, after he left. I've practically blocked him out, by the way. I hate his name. I never say it. Healthy or not who cares? I hate you. I hate you. I hate you and those songs that remind me of you, those pictures, You. You told me we'd meet up when we are older; In London in Winter. You know I love winter.There'd be snow. Snow falling around us as we see eachother, walking towards eachother. RIght place, right time. By chance, meeting again. And in london. He said Iceskating. I said no. He said he'd hold my hand, and if i fell, he'd help me up. You did, every day, when we talked for hours, and then you stopped. and you broke my heart. Break it more than situation number one, im over that. Situation number two; i'd like to forget about you. But you, number three. What broke my heart more, is that we are perfect. We know it. I love you, and i know somewhere you love me too. I know, because you ask about my love life, you get jealous, i know so! Thats why i hate you, because i cant move on, i cant forget; because everytime I get close to it, you say 'Ello 'Ello or something equally witty. I hate you.
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our unique style.

our unique style.

this group is for everyone who has his own style.
i intend to create many contests with themes for all of you.
thank you for joining this group { if you did }

wendy bird.

wendy bird.

you're a girl. you like beautiful things. whimsical, magical, wonderful things. you don't want to dress in rags. you want to feel like a princess! you want to run and dance through the woods. play with the fairies, and elves. you want to find toadstools, and fairy rings, and gnomes! pick berries by the stream, and build a castle in the trees. you believe in unicorns, and magic! you're a girl. and you're beautiful.


6th place in group contest: Shorts & skirts.

6th place in group contest: Shorts & skirts.

576 sets from 57 members. Ended 5 years ago.
Spring has come, and it's time to get out shorts and skirts. Show us how we can wear them in this spring/summer season. I've suggested some, but you don't have the use them. You've got: 1 week, 12 winners, and no limit!

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