talked myself in, talked myself out, get all worked up then I let myself down...
~Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Bublé

layout - some of @diegolohve’s older sets! (Well…sort of. I kind of ruined it) LOVE that layout! And her newer one…don’t even get me started. All your layouts SO gorgeous, Coco. I can’t ever do any of them justice! AND YOU’RE THE SWEETEST EVER. SO GO FOLLOW HER IF YOU’RE NOT ALREADY.

But anyway…today was the first day of school so I decided to make a set showing what I wore and talking about how it went. It was quite crazy. Hang on to your hats, folks!

Well…the morning went quite well! I had decided what I was going to be wearing the night before, and it’s showcased here: boyfriend jeans, black t-shirt, red blazer, and black ballet flats. I was going for a polished look and maybe something a little daring than the norm at my school with such a bright statement blazer. The earrings were a last-minute addition in the morning! I liked the way the looked. Well, the ones I wore were the Chinese symbol for something along the lines of “Peace” or “Happiness” or something positive like that, but I couldn’t find those on Poly.

I ate some waffles with whipped cream (mmm…my favorite!) and did my hair and makeup, which were quite simple. I pulled my bangs around one side and a strand of hair around the other (kind of like this beautiful hairstyle… and then makeup was about as simple as it gets.

And then I got to school, where I waited with my friends, and then went to get my schedule. My schedule was TERRIBLE. I was looking at my friend’s and his was WAY better. I had to change it as soon as I got to first hour. But my best friend had the same homeroom as me…until…that’s a long story. But I’m coming to that.

So I changed my schedule completely and now I have no classes with one of my absolute best friends, so it’s sad, but we have the same lunch shift. I have two classes with this lovely boy Alex I met at new-kid orientation. He doesn’t talk much. I’m trying to change that (:D).

But I hate my fifth hour, History! I have no friends and my teacher is kind of uninvolved, so it’s annoying. And I DON’T like having gym seventh. It’s so late in the day. WHO WANTS TO EXERCISE WHEN THEY’RE ABOUT TO GO HOME? Not this girl! But it’s okay, my best friend’s in it, and so is Alex, so I can stare at him all hour.

I have Multicultural Studies, which sounds cool! And then Drama Lit, which I know nothing about…and then I have…hmm, let me just write out my schedule –

first– Earth Science (ADVANCED EARTH SCIENCE! WOOH! I finally got in! That’s one of the reasons I changed my schedule, because I belonged here and they didn’t put me in it.)
second – Math (ALGEBRAAAA! I like my teacher well enough, and my friends are in it, so it’s not too bad)
third – Piano (ADVANCED!)
fourth – Multicultural Studies (IT SOUNDS SO FUN AND ALEXXXXXXX)
fifth – LA History (LOUISIANA HISTORY…Hate it. Hate the class. I don’t really like the teacher. Not fun)
seventh – Gym! (WOOH GYM…seventh hour…uhh…ummm. Maybe it’ll be okay? ALEXXX AND MY BEST FRIEND ARE IN IT SO IT’S FINE I GUESS. Our uniforms are SO ugly though. And it’s going to be SO hot when we go run the track…ugh. But gym’s so fun…we’ll see!)

Yep! That’s my schedule!

On the bright side, I just loved meeting and seeing all my friends again. I think I’m going to come to enjoy my classes as the year progresses! Wish me luck!

tagging @luxecouture because we were talking about this earlier and maybe she’d like to read it (:
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