For "Why Do I Love You?" Contest:

I was by @nyamnyam in this amazing set:

1. Make a set for the person you are tagged with.
2.Write why you love that person who you are tagged with.
3. Tag other people with their biases.

ok, so why do I love Minhyuk?? I know that lately I've neglected him a lot a cause of AJ, Chunji and JR (yeah, I'm ashamed of accept it but I like him T_T) but it's just because... i don't know why when someone gets too famous I start to dislike him/her... I used to love Minhyuk more but since he started to act he has gained more popularity and I kinda lost interest (i still love him tho) anyways....

one of the things i love the most about him is his smile! and the fact he can be cute yet he looks so sexy while playing the drums! (Have I mentioned that I love drummers? well i do!) and he also has a nice voice! yeah! I love him!!! ^^

And I mentioned this before but I think I'll add 4th part to 20 Korean Guys Challenge... what do you guys think? is that good idea? leave your opinion in my comments or pm-me if you have some ideas ^_^9
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