2011/09/06 Screen cap from Hearstrings/I've fallen for you Korean drama.I'll finish this in 1 ep.
Summer is almost end on polyvore but another place still summer.

However, Asia has Rainy season (East Asia,South East Asia) ,I spend my day almost of them for this reason a day with raining.specially this week another place in Japan get hits by typhoon hope everything will be okay not seriously but stay safety first.

I can imagine when fall will coming in Japan and I dislike fall colors,for me fall in my momories just short period like 1 month in Nov.

This week i spend my times watching this drama "Heartsrings" just neutral not too much pay attention for but still okay my friend so like Yonghwa.
and me just change attitude about him a bit do like more than with Seohyun and he talented,i can't imagine Park Shin Hye with another only Jang Geun Suk for her.right now,i thought she is better with Yonghwa.
Haha i found another one hot beside Yonghwa.
Who he is?
Sunbae Ki young ,the lead actor in the musicle who have eyes smile!!
hopefully, he 'll choose to play lead actor too.

Hmmm love rain will come in me<3<3
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