How could you not recreate this look? I found a dress that matched but i hated the top part of it since in the picture it looks completely black so i decided to just crop the skirt and find a top in a similar cut. In doing so, i think the look is more spot on. 

I do like the flats she is wearing but i noticed these boots with the same "cat flat" look on them that have been in my items for a while and i felt like the outfit seemed more put together with them and more tougher looking. 

Ofcourse Alexa Chung just had a book out so i figured i would add that into the set as well. Also decided to add some more pink into the look since the color of the book. #alexachung #Tag #Pink #black #blackdress

Since I'm already writing stuff here, i guess i will look for some Q&A to do :)
Looks like @charliiieeex tagged me. I'm not sure if i answered these already or not


1. Favourite Starbucks Drink?
I'm not sure since i don't go there. Not a lot of them near me. 

2. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
Always different but i'd say about 5-15 minutes

3. How many selfies do you take on a day?

4. How many Instagram followers and photos do you have? I don't have one

5. Do you ever say things like OMG and LOL out loud?
No. I would say oh my god but wouldn't say it like Oh-M-Gee? o.o I think lol should just be on the internet/texting

6. Do you ever wear clothing items more than once?
I do. Someone buy me more clothes ;)

7. Are you racist? I don't think so

8. Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr?
Twitter: * rarely go on it though

9. What do you do in your spare time?
Whatever i feel like doing. Reading, creating things on here, listen to music, hangout with friends, movies
10. Who are your favourite Youtubers?
I have an old list here. Pretty much the same people
Well Sam and Ricky aren't together anymore... but ya he's like my favorite male youtuber 

11. How often do you do your nails?
Whenever I'm in the mood to do so. My green polish/varnish was chipped in most places today so removed that. I'm thinking of just painting them white now. 

12. Are you a shopaholic?
Maybe if i had the money for it lol and everything magically appeared in my size :) 

13. How many times have you seen Mean Girls?
Not sure. Good movie but I'm not obsessed with it either.

14. Do you have a lot of clothes?
Looks like it but i don't. My closet is filled with junk right now... 

15. Do you ever make a picture of your food before you eat it? 
Sometimes. Usually don't think of it

16. Do you wear make-up every day?
If I'm out and about then i would. If I'm just staying home and not going anywhere then i don't see the point in putting makeup on

17. How do you style your hair?
Boringly. lol. Usually a ponytail or down
18. Do you always look presentable?
I'm guessing no. But that's ok too XD
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Wrote two years ago

Wrote three years ago
haha on top set congrats babe <3

Wrote three years ago
congrats on tops!

Wrote three years ago
Congrats on top set!! You deserve it :))



©º°°Stay Beautiful°°º©™

©º°°Stay Beautiful°°º©™

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We Are Fashion Stylists!

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viva la fashion ♡

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~ ♡ Creative people ♡ ~

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