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+Daisy Lewis
+Stamp of Love by Jessica Lowndes

+ name: Daisy Lewis 
+ age: 16
+ birthday / astrological sign: August 13th/ Leo

+ likes: Black and white movies, being tall, an empty dance studio, her dark hair, reading, the rain, record players, poetry
+ dislikes: High heels, loud people, secrets, not wearing accessories, action movies, the ocean, cats, short nails

+ appearance: Tall, skinny, with cascading long, dark, curly hair, Daisy is a knockout. 
+ height: 5'9"
+ weight: 120 lbs.
+ style: Basically everything and anything. Whatever she's in the mood for, she'll wear.

+ personality: Daisy is a very fun person to be around; she'll cheer you up, make you laugh, and she can talk for hours. Daisy is as bright as her flower name because she is always smiling, in a good mood, but is very quiet at times too. Daisy is able to form relationships very quickly, and easily becomes attached to people. She has a strong need for approval, and will strive to be the best at everything.
+ bio: Daisy is one of the nicest girls that you will ever meet. She's intelligent, caring, funny, pretty, she's everything you could ever want in a friend, a sister, daughter, girlfriend, anything. But for some reason, Daisy still doesn't feel good. Straight A's, a wonderful ballerina, a great friend, but Daisy feels like there's always that extra inch she could reach that she just never does. She has an internal battle with herself to always be the best, even though that characteristic sometimes gets her into messy situations. Daisy is a strong lover, and after a year with her boyfriend, Emmett, she's even more madly in love with him than ever before. But Daisy is far too trusting, and of not only Emmett, because the people who she's closest with are keeping secrets. But they're not the only ones, because Daisy has plenty of secrets of her own. 

+ family:
-Rose Lewis, mother, Holly Marie Combs
-John Lewis, father, Brian Krause
-Poppy Lewis, sister, Ashley Benson
-Sebastian Lewis, brother, Tyler Blackburn
+ past / current relationships:
-Emmett Perry, boyfriend, Ian Harding
+ model: Lucy Hale

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