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I don’t really like this story…I think my Serena and Ivy leaked…

Ivy Tailor; 

“You’re a good little house husband.” I remarked to Carl from where I was lounging, which happened to be on the kitchen island. We were in the ridiculous sized kitchen in Carl and Ryan’s house and Carl was baking…something, I wasn’t entirely sure what. He’d been at it since I’d gotten here and had barely talked to me. Dick. But I was bored and had no where to be and just felt lonely today. A girl could just want company right? and Carl wasn't bad on the eyes either but i just liked spending time with him. When he wasn't ignoring me.

“Aren’t I just?” He remarked not even looking up from his delicious looking bowl of goop.

“Carl,” I whined, totally admitting to the whine. Actually I whined a lot, I was such a whiner “I’m feeling neglected here.” I pouted, swinging my bare feet over the very edge of the counter - shoes having been discarded somewhere along the way

“Poor Ivy.” His eyes flickered up to me before returning his attention back to his food, and this was getting blood ridiculous. It was kind of funny though, Carl with his tattoos and shaved head and bulging muscles cooking, well something pretty and delicate I bet. It never lost its amusement no matter how many times I saw it.

“Pay attention to me goddamn it.” I slapped my hand on the bench. I would have stomped my foot, but well that was crossing a line and just petty. “Pay attention to me or I will actually set you up with Candy at that would be mean.”

“I’m sorry what?” He asked, finally looking up at me and maintaing eye contact.

“The crazy shallow sister of mine, Candy.” I told him with an easy smile now he was actually paying attention to me, “Wants to date you. Well actually no.” I added, like it was an after thought and not what I’d questioned “She wants to fuck you senseless and thinks dating is the way to go.”

The wooden spoon rattled to the floor.

“Yea, you took that well.” I shrugged with a cheeky grin.

“Get out.” He rolled his eyes, gesturing towards the doorway.

“Excuse me?” I asked completely taken aback. What exactly was I being kicked out for?

“Get out of the kitchen.” He rolled his eyes again, probably at my melodramatics this time. Whatever. Judgers gonna judge. “You’re distracting. We’ll talk later.”

“That sounds foreboding.” I muttered, slinking off the couch and making my way to the games room with a pout. This wasn’t fun. I bet even Basil was being more fun right now.

About 20 minutes later I was half dosing watching a taped episode of teen wolf - I wasn’t even going to comment on their taste in tv shows lets just say that - when Carl vaulted over the back of the couch and landed right next to my knees. Like you have no idea how close to my knees he was.

“You should stop doing that.” I chided gently, cracking open an eye to half glare at him.

“Where’s the fun in that?” He grinned back, practically lifting me up so he could sit properly and my legs were draped across is laps.

“Me not being dead is always fun.” I told him half heartedly before brightening, “Now do you want to hear about how much my sister wants to screw you?”

“No not really.” He shook his head frantically.

“Why not?” I asked, with a curious head tilt, “I think it would be fun.”

“No, it really wouldn’t.” He laughed a kind of dry sound, “It’d be like me discussing Ryan wanting to fuck you.”

“Well I wasn’t being so crude.” I twisted my mouth in an expression of distaste - or at least mimicked the one that mum used in that situation, “But I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan wanted to do. me.” Everyone did.

“Ok. Not talking about this.” Carl reached forward to cover my mouth with his hand, “Ever again.”

I debated licking his hand, I really truly did, and if it had been Basil or even Ryan I would have done it, but not to Carl. For whatever reason. “Alright, alright changing the subject.” I laughed when he finally removed his hand, “What are you baking?”

“Stupid ass overcomplicated over decorated cupcake things.” He rolled his eyes in distaste. Which was weird because Carl barely ever cooked anything he didn’t want to eat.

“Aww princess.” I cooed, leaning forward to rub his cheek condescendingly, “Why’d you do it then?” I couldn’t help asking curiously though.

“Ryan has an important business meeting.” He shrugged like I understood, which I kind of did, “It was either spend a whole day making stupid cupcakes,” his face kind of wrinkled up at the word cupcake which was funny in noting itself, “or dragging you along.” He paused for effect and I could basically tell the joke coming was at my expense, “So this was much less effort.”

“Screw you.” I said, totally without heat as I elbowed him in the side.

“Well,” He pretended to look thoughtful about the offer, “I would but I don’t think the couch is really where you want to do it.”

“You never know.” I leant forward, for flirty seductive effect, “Maybe that’s my kink.” I said huskily, before realising yeah that was stupid and it was effort supporting my head. So I let it fall against his shoulder as he hummed in amusement.

“Maybe it is.”

“Where’s your brother?” I asked, sort of snuggling into his side because hey I was tired. Except it totally wasn’t snuggling, snuggling because I did not snuggle.

“Out. Somewhere.” He said vaguely, turning his attention to the television which was still displaying hot shirtless men in all their glory.

“Ok.” I said, knowing I should move before Ryan got home and freaked but not caring, “Good night Carl.”

I could feel his smile against the crown of my head which was so weird, but nice he was smiling I guess, “Night Ivy. Don’t let the monsters eat you.”

“Keep your teeth to yourself and we’ll be fine.”

Clearly just a filler @chrissykinz and @vicks which is basically all my Ivy stories ever are. Whatever, it's been like a fortnight since i wrote for her so here we are.
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