Song: Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield.

[MONDAY APRIL 16TH] Amandla's known for her eccentric hair, so she's invited everyone to her favorite salon/spa for a day of fun and relaxation.

PIPER: Hey, I heard you were having a little spa day today? I just wanted to know if everything was neutral between us.
AMANDLA: Yeah I am. You weren't supposed to be invited, but since your parents don't care about you anymore, you can come. And no, we're not okay yet, and we probably won't be so I'll never talk to you again really.
PIPER: Oh, thanks. It's fine, I can deal with that.
AMANDLA: You better get used to it.

Everyone had found out about my parents, everyone. They all thought I was a happy girl supported by her parents and that got everything she wanted. They were wrong, I was basically the parent of my little sister, Anna, do you actually think my parents care about us? No. 

I need friends to help me, since Amandla hates me at the moment. I sighed, I just wished we could be friends quickly again, I mean, I was so close to her and I really miss her funny comments and sarcastic personality, they always cheered me up. 

"So, are you coming or not?" Mackenna asked anxiously.

"Yes. BUT she's not going to talk to me."

"Well, at least you're coming, right?" she raised an eyebrow and giggled.

"Well, at least we're not going to be friends, right?" I rolled my eyes at her and she laughed.

"Piper, I'm sure you two will be friends again." she replied putting a hand on my shoulder. "Soon.." she mumbled.

"You think so? Really? I didn't do ANYTHING wrong and I get the blame. I mean, I think Amandla is great but I didn't do anything to get close to Lance, I don't even want to!" I argued.

 I was annoyed and tired of being the "good-girl" of the A-List, I mean I got drunk on your own little sister's party and I'm a "good-girl". I'm basically never at home, always partying and shopping and I'm a "good-girl". I'm fed up of being labeled and getting used.

"Piper, I understand, it's just Amandla seems to love Lance, like actually, LOVE him." she smiled.

"I know.. I don't want anything with him and I've told her plenty of times." I sighed again, putting some hair behind my ear to get it out of the way.

"Anyway, how was it with Wyatt?" she smirked.

"Ohmygod, everyone's been asking. Basically, I was trying to explain that I had feelings for him and then he burst out saying the same thing as me." I looked down and smiled, remembering that moment.

"And.." Mackenna giggled.

"And... I'll tell you at the spa, now come on, are you ready?!" I replied and pushed her towards the exit. We went to school to get some things and then we were set off for the day in a spa.

We walked out of the school building, a breeze brushing past my chestnut hair. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, flowers were everywhere, typical spring season.

"Gia! What are you doing here?" I turned around to spot Mackenna hugging Gia. I kind of knew Gia but I needed to get to know her better to know if she was a good person. 

"I'm meeting Mason here because we need to do something quickly and I'll be off to meet the rest of the girls later." she looked back and saw me. "Oh, hey Piper!" she waved, smiling.

"Hi Gia.." I waved back.

"So, um, how are you?" she asked warmly. "I heard you're not coming to Amandla's spa day thing. Is that true? Because you and here are really close friends an-"

"Yes, she's going." Mackenna smiled, she knew I didn't want to talk about what happened.

"I'm fine, thanks Gia." I replied, giving her a reassuring smile.

"Oh, then.. I'll see you there, right?" she asked and me and Mackenna nodded.

"Bye!" Mackenna exclaimed at her before she walked into the school gates.


PIPER: Athena, I'm coming to the spa and I'll be there in about 20 minutes.
ATHENA: I thought you weren't invited?
PIPER: I wasn't, but then Amandla invited me again. She felt sorry for me. Not that she should be.
ATHENA: Oh great then! I'll see you there! xo
PIPER: Yep, see you! xo

I put my phone in my brown bag, along with my purse, perfume, beauty bag and other necessities. Mackenna and I spotted Amandla and Tessa shopping, just before everyone got to the spa.

"Tessa, hi!" I tapped her shoulder and she turned around and gave me a hug.

"Hey, Piper! And, Mackenna, right?" she smiled.

"Yes, haha. Hi Tessa." Mackenna laughed.

"Hi Amandla." I said quietly.

"Oh, hi Mackenna!" she went and hugged Mackenna completely ignoring me. Bi.tch.

"Hi.. Um.. Amandla." Mackenna said confused, she wasn't sure what was going on but I think Amandla just wants to annoy me, obviously.

"You brought a friend! How nice." Amandla said sarcastically, giving me a dirty look. Bi.tch, I thought to myself. I stared at her gritting my teeth together. 

"Oh sorry, you don't know me?" I replied raising an eyebrow. "I guess I'll introduce myself and maybe we can start over." I smirked, I meant trying to restart our friendship so that she forgets what happened about Lance.

"I'm Piper. Nice to meet you." I faked a smile.

"Oh, you look like someone I know..." she acted confused, when really she just wanted to get on my nerves. "She tried to steal my boyfriend, you better watch out for her at school!" she smirked. What a bi.tch.

Mackenna and Tessa stood there awkwardly. Even if they knew there was an argument going on, it was quite entertaining.

"Oh, I think I know her!" I said faking a surprised face. "She's innocent, the boy approached her first. Maybe you should believe what she says." I raised my eyebrows and stared into her eyes, hopefully getting her to forgive me.

"I don't believe in bi.tches." she bit her lip. Ohmygod, what a

"Maybe she shouldn't believe you then, huh?" I looked at her narrowing my eyes. Oh, this could last forever, not until she finally gets in her head that I am completely innocent of what happened.

She rolled her eyes and turned around, linking arms with Tessa. Tessa turned back and whispered, "She's not really in a good mood, that's why she's doing a spa treatment." I nodded as we walked to the spa, which was only 5 minutes away, I couldn't wait to just get everything out of my head and relax for the day, just one day when I don't have anything to bother me. 

We arrived at the spa and Athena made her way towards me. "Oh, you're here! Good!" she smiled sympathetically and reached out for a hug, which she then received. 

"Yeah, I am. Me and Amandla are still mad at eachother but I'll be fine.." I sighed and then smiled towards Athena.

"Aww, I really hope everything will be good soon." she said till she got interrupted by Tessa.

"So, Piper, how was it with Wyatt?" Tessa asked curiously. The rest of the girls surrounded me, ready to listen to the story.

"Well, I was about to tell him that I liked him more than a friend and then he burst out saying he felt a different way about me."

"A good or bad way?" Athena asked.

"Let me finish explaining!" I smiled. "He said he really liked me and that I was an amazing girl." 

"I knew it!" Tessa winked while Amandla rolled her eyes.

"And then he leaned in to kiss me and we were there for about 3 minutes alone, doing... things." 

"What kind of things?" Athena stared at me and the rest of the girls giggled.

"We made out okay, nothing special." I smiled.

"Finally! Something happens between you!" Tessa exclaimed. "Aww, I'm happy for you, Piper!" she hugged me.

"Thanks but at the moment I just want to regain my friendship with someone." I stared at Amandla and she turned around, shocked. "A friendship that I care about more than my relationship with Wyatt." I smiled and Amandla looked down, wondering what to say next.
I hope you like it. Personally, writing the argument between me and Amandla was hilarious. I love Amandla's personality.

Girls included: @five-hundred-days-of-penny, @curious-and-young, @labellabeautyxo, @heart-shaped-bruises and @sweetsummer93.

(: xx
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@buds-over-studs Thank You, haha, i enjoyed writing it :') <3

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I love this writing! The argument was great. :)))

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Wrote 4 years ago

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