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For Adventurers of Polyvore, I'll be going to Acadia Park in Maine. 

He parked the pick up truck and looked into my eyes. Oh god, I could just melt into his eyes. I felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, I looked around and just saw endless trees. Donovan smiled that mischeivious smile that I fell in love with. "So Liz, are you still wondering what your birthday present is?" He asked. (Idk, I didn't want to use my own name because I felt like that would be weird, so I used a nickname of my own name.) "Aghhh, please tell me! I'm dying!" I giggled. Donovan grabbed my hand, leaving me with a rush of butterflies overwhelming me. 
"Follow me. But, under one condition. You have to close your eyes the entire time, okay? It's a surprise." 
"Haha, fine. But you have to keep my safe! I don't want to trip over anything or accidentally end up hitting a tree." I joked.
He guided me but was very oblivious to all the twigs and branches scraping at my bare legs. 
"Ow," I whispered, wishing he didn't hear. I wish I had dressed for the occasion.
"Sorry," he said. "It's fine", I replied. 
"Here we are!" I opened my eyes and the view was so beautiful, it didn't even seem like I was on Earth. We were at a cliffside looking over the ocean, with a blanket, telescope, and a basket. "Wow, you set all this up for me?" I said, tearing up a little. "Of course Liz. I...I love you." I jumped into his arms and whispered in his ear. "I love you, too." 
We lay on the blanket, cuddling for a while and just talking and rambling about life. 
"Sometimes I wonder what my purpose is. Everyone at school are planning out their lives already, and I'm here just so confused about what I'll do. I think I'm too depressed to even think about the future." I said, looking up in the sky. "I don't think anyone knows the purpose of their existance. But all I know is that I live for you." He said to me. An insane fluttery feeling went through my heart. I snuggled up next to his chest, feeling his heart beat. "Let's go into the water." Donovan said out of nowhere. "What- how? We don't even have swim suits or anything." I said. "It's your life. You don't want to miss out on a fun and probably stupid memory." He smiled, and took off his shirt. "I'm too scared," I said as I looked down at the ocean from the cliff. 
"Don't worry, I'll hold you." 
"Okay," I said, smiling as well. "Don't look." He turned away as I quickly pulled off my blouse, skirt, and boots.
He held my hand. "On the count of three. One, two.. three!"
We jumped into the water with no regrets, feeling the wind rushing through our hair as we were going down. 
I gasped for a breath of air as we reached to the surface of the water. "See, wasn't that fun?" He laughed. "But it was still scary." I teased, and splashed him. 
We walked back to the cliff, and dried off under the sun. We watched the sunset and when the stars came out, we looked through the telescope. "Go to coordinate 45, 67." "Uh, okay." I said as I shifted the telescope and it focused on one small star. "You see that star?" He asked. "Yeah, what is it?" 
"It's ours." 

SORRY THAT THIS STORY SUCKS I RAN OUT OF IDEAS. Donovan is just a random name I came up with last minute. 

♡ M Y L O V E L Y T A G S ; @ginaheartscupcakes @zahn143 @starlightmoon @xoxsavannahxox @xo-palecharlie @jazzychictrends @poppy-kerr @lillyisabanana @nerdychic-xx @its-me-darling @xojenny @mrs-billie-joe-armstrong
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