Okay, so @charcharr since you're one of the nicest people ever, I decided to make you a random set. I know, I know, I make you sets sort of a lot & this really isn't anything special BUT I wanted to make something that sort of embodied what I know you for. 
So now I shall list the things that I included on this set that make me think of you. 
-Miley Cyrus
-Katy Perry
-Hayley Willams 
-Marilyn Monroe
-Emma Watson
-Luna Lovegood
-The word "Frolicking"
-Mean Girls
-Fairy tale stuff [note the coin/makeup purse to the middle right side next to the purple phone]
-Space stuff
-Music [the iTunes card, lyrics & concert ticket]
-Paris [the passport & stamp]
-Polaroids [this one... I'm really not sure of why so don't ask haha]

There are some random fillers [the hearts, gems, ribbons, ect] but the rest is all things that I associate with you on Polyvore. I would have included Lady Gaga because I think of her a lot when I see your name BUT I really didn't know where to put her picture as I had already put so many other things on this. So Miss Gaga will be an implied extra. haha
I hope I'm not coming off as creepy, you're just one of the few people who have been super nice to me in all my years of being on Polyvore & I wanted to say thank you. 

-Juli <3
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