Kind of a short filler story. 

Daisy Thames;;
date: September 4, 2012
hair: Same as bottom photo
makeup: black eye liner, shimmer lip gloss, mascara, and gold eye shadow 
wearing: a beige football tee, lime shorts, michael kors sandals, a lime scarf, and an amp shoulder bag 
where: Lyla’s house
with: Lyla

A little less than twenty days and I would be on a plane to Seattle. It was surreal. Because of this, I tried to spend more time with Lyla. Sometimes my mom prevented this without her even realizing it. Though she still protested my leaving the state she was having some sort of mother break down about her “baby” leaving the nest and kept insisting on these random mom-daughter days. It was starting to freak me out. Luckily, work beckoned my mother today which meant that I was all Lyla’s. I felt like every time I hung out with her, I was at her house. I felt bad that I always secluded us from the world. I know she wasn’t the biggest fan but after that time that I ran into Cameron, I was always a little hesitant. So once more, I found myself at Lyla’s, this time sitting outside on her aunt’s patio. 

“Play for me,” I whined. Lyla had told me once awhile back that she played guitar and sung a little too. Ever since then I tried to get her to play for me but she always said no. Even on my birthday. 

“No...” she replied. I stuck out my lip as if I were a little child. “Okay now your just not being fair.” She crossed her arms like she was annoyed but I could see her cracking. 

“What do you think I will laugh or something?” I was curious why she wouldn’t. 

“No. I just get a little stage fright.” I leaned forward in my chair that was facing her so that I was closer to her. 

“Do you /really/ think that you have something to be scared of with me?” I asked. I was determined to make it happen before I left. 

Lyla paused for moment. “I hate you, just so you know.” But she got up anyways. 

“You’re being dramatic,” I called after her. When she disappeared inside, I smiled. I wish I could take Lyla with me to college. I imagine days like this, every day like this. Easy, happy, and us being ourselves. 

Lyla reappeared. A rhinestone strap held up her acoustic guitar around her neck. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“I promise the world wont explode when you do,” I teased. She just shook her head.

“What should I play?”

“Surprise me!” I exclaimed. I was really excited. 

Lyla thought for a moment then started strumming on her guitar and singing a song I didn’t recognize. It was incredibly beautiful though. 

A few minutes past and when the song was over, I said, “Why don’t you play allowed? That was amazing.” I meant it. She could easily be a professional singer. 

“I wrote that song.” She was quiet. 

“Oh my god? Really? Lyla you should do something with this. You are too good to keep it hidden,” I told her. 

“Nah,” was all she said. I wanted to push more but she looked like she didn’t want that so I backed off. 

“Will you play another one?” I asked. She said yes and started playing another one that I assumed she had written. Yes, it would be perfect if every day could be like this. I loved hearing her play but it also made me sad because of me moving. I decided to just enjoy the moment and not fret about things that aren’t going to change.
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