OMG STOP. the meet and greet with one direction was the best moment of my life. i won't share everything 'cause i'm lazy like that, but ommmg, they're so much hotter in person! i didn't think that was possible, actually. and omg, zayn. fucking zayn... so i got through harry, liam, louis, and then zayn was next. i talked to harry and liam btw, they're adorable! but we didn't have /any/ time what so ever to talk, so it was so short. but anyway, i get to zayn and he looks up and grins at me. and i die a bit inside. he's so perfect. i cannot. so anyway he says, 'i like your hair, babe!' i swear to god. i'm 100% telling the truth. and then i died fully. i say, thank you! and then we had a little staring moment, stop asdfghjkl; best moment ever. everyone i talked to said that zayn didn't say anything to them except little things like 'hey, what's up?' or 'thanks!' if they complement his tattoo or whatever. but he fucking complemented me. best. moment. ever. and then my friend was like, you and zayn have to get married. you'd be the cutest couple ever. it's obviously the truth..... no i'm jking, but omg stop he's gorgeous. and then my other friend was like, he's obviously dtf. lolol, the guy who said that is also a fellow directioner. he's amazing. and so is zayn <3


Monday: The city of Shanghai is all about an ‘in your face’ avant-garde luxury with a sensual feel, and our queen bitchh, Nadia is throwing a party that captures that perfectly. She rented out the Guandi Club and be the puppet master to all the catfights and drama that goes on. Especially considering the new crop of doll faces are pouring in the city. With live music booming from Asia’s hottest touring artists and liquor heaven and a dance floor, it’s going to be a memorable night. Girls are buying the most extravagant dress and guys eyeing who’s going to be their one night stand. If you want your name to be known, coming to this part is not on option. *cough* doll faces *cough. 


Twisting my long mane around my index finger, I sighed heavily, already bored by these girls. The music was too loud I could feel a headache springing, the liquor wasn't even strong, and some of the dolls were so drunk they were tripping in their heels, their legs flailing every which way.

"Stop pouting b-tch," Acacia pushed my lightly on the shoulder with her free hand, shoving a shot of liquor in my face. I accepted it with a grin, immediately pouring it down my throat. 

"Now lets go make fun of those dolls." She winked, pulling me up. I hip bumped her, a malicious smirk finding its way on my polished lips. There were a group of girls sitting on the blood red couches, gossiping like there was no tomorrow. My arm slipped into Acacia's, and we sauntered over as their backs arched and they tried to look cool. 

"Hello," I said coolly, my eyes trailing over everyone.

"Hi, I'm Cece!" One girl grinned, waving her fingers slightly. 

"Well aren't you eager," Acacia sneered. I could tell she was already bored.

"Introduce yourselves. We like to know the names of the newbies." I demanded, raising a brow.

"I'm Dani," She said, brushing her long hair out of her face. 

"I heard you were a wh-re," Acacia spat, and I couldn't help but burst into laughter. Dani looked defeated but still held her ground. 

"Well that was rude." A girl spoke in a British accent.

"And who are you." Acacia jeered, raising her perfect brows.

"Elizabeth," She titled her head. "I'm from Britain."

"Awesome," I rolled my eyes. At that moment Nadia came over and smirked at us. I could tell that she already knew we were giving the dolls trouble.

"I'm Nadia," She introduced herself, sipping from her champagne, though everyone obviously knew who she was.

"Hi," Only one girl said anything. The rest got the hint that we only came to start trouble. It's what we do. "I'm Nikita by the way." 

"Wait didn't you used to be a model?" Nadia titled her head in an innocent way. "My cousin is Alexander Wang so I know models." She explained, still shooting daggers at Nikita.

"Uh, well, yeah before, but that was-" Nikita started, but Nadia cut her off.

"You mean that was before you fell your flat a-s off the fu-king runway, and ruined not only your pathetic career, but the runway show of Alexander McQueen? Yeah I know." Everyone's mouths dropped open a bit. It's hard to hide anything from Nadia. Even though we just met the dolls it was like Nadia knew their family history, their secrets, and everything in between. She was a dangerous one, that is.

"Oh my gosh." Elena couldn't help but say. I only knew her name because she was a princess or something. And everyone knows royalty. 

"What the fu-k is wrong with you..." A girl said, forming her face into a scowl.

"No, what the fu-k is wrong with you. You never speak to me like that, I guess all those fu-king drugs are getting to you, Skye." Nadia spoke, turning to Skye, acid in her voice.

Everyone fell silent while Acacia and I were having a laughing fit. Nadia couldn't help but grin with satisfaction, then kissed us both on the cheek and walked away, leaving the lingering smell of her custom perfume.

Acacia and I walked away, waving the girls goodbye half-heartily, and then A flipped them off, and we laughed, on top of the world.


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