so i worked really hard on this set and i love it :D
what do you guys think??
how was your day?

this is lily, the sweetest gal you could ever meet :) i just love talking to her! she is an amazing set maker too, check her out for me will ya? <3

i stumbled upon this lovelies profile and freaked out when i saw how many faves she has for the amazing work she's done in 2 years!! she def needs a TONNNNN more faves, help 'er out. xx

my day was boring cause i was like studying for this examm ://
so i was looking at my set views and my set faves on my profile and i realized that only like half the people that see my sets end up faving them D':

ive been looking for items lately too and i found some and just added a whole bunch, but anyone know anyone that has good items i can raid? :D

{hate or loveee}

should i change my name? please give me suggestions, comment, message, or give me your opinion if i should or not :) thanks guys! <3

my parentals have been extremely annoying lately too -___-

if you read all this comment:

*game show guy's voice*

who. is. your. favorite. band.?
not singer, not.. uh.. yeah.. but BAND? :)
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