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Captain Rose Radfield 
[taken by sophiaspastic]
Face claim: Olivia Lefebre 
Age: 16 
Rose Radfield takes pride in being a teacher's pet - maybe that just comes with the territory of being Captain of the Diving Team. If anything, she probably takes her "position" all too seriously, but when it comes down to it, Rose knows it's really all she has. Essentially abandoned by her parents at St. Adeline's gates, Rose was forced to understand complex ideas far bigger than herself - her parents didn't really want her anymore and the academy was all she had. She understood the severity of the situation and that honestly, it was forever. Because of this, she clung to Miss G, her diving instructor and the only maternal-like figure in her new life, and grew enchanted by the woman's enigmatic charm. Making Rose into the perfect little diver didn't take too long and she devoted herself to the sport more than anything she's ever done before, thus making herself the most logical candidate for captain. She wears her red sash proudly and holds her head high. She does a lot for her girls, but then again, Rose expects a lot in return herself and always manages to set the bar high with the difficulty of her dives. She's not very open to change, much less new arrivals at St. Adeline's, and acts almost as if it is her school, therefore anyone new must play by her rules... and it sort of is. All and all, Rose may seem tough and hard on the outside, but by being a diligent diver, an all around team player, and definitely NOT better than her in Miss G's eyes, you'll be fine in her book.


Rose Radfield very well knew she probably shouldn’t be away from her team, much less the entire campus itself, but it was her weekend and she needed a break. She loved being captain more than anything else in the world, sure, but sometimes, she just wanted to be alone. The lush greenery surrounding St. Adeline’s majestic grounds proved the perfect space for Rose to go, to adventure through, to take a pack of cigarettes and a borrowed book from Miss G, and just be. Rose missed the days when she could just be.

Of course, that had been a long time ago. She had been at St. Adeline’s longer than a lot of other girls she knew and unlike them, she was fully aware of what the academy’s wrought iron gates meant. She wouldn’t be leaving here, at least not any time soon. St. Adeline’s is forever… except in the case of Miss G. She wished she could be brave like her teacher, that she could just run away from the school and go to Paris or Moscow or Berlin or Cairo or just… any big city, anywhere other than Stanely Island. 

Rose knew she wasn’t brave even though. She was fearful and meek and would probably stay in England for the rest of her life. But a girl could dream, couldn’t she?

She made her way through the marshy grass, her heeled loafers digging into the earth as she went, the air surprisingly frigid for a summer night. Once she decided she was far enough from Miss Nieven’s watchful eye, she pulled a silver cigarette holder free from her coat alongside a box of matches, all inherited from her favorite teacher. She lit up artfully, having practiced her smoking technique last weekend before she borrowed James Joyce’s Ulysses from Miss G’s shelves. She blew a puff of smoke into the air and sat down in the middle of the clearing, pulling the novel’s blue spine into her lap and opening to the first page. 

Swirly handwritten pen sat right under Rose’s nose. She didn’t recognize it. 

‘To my love. 1926.’

‘Huh,’ Rose thought. ‘How peculiar.’

She traced her finger over the writing, feeling its indentation against her skin, and almost as if she melted into the pages of the book, she could feel the pure emotion conveyed by whoever had written it there. Was it for Miss G? Or did Miss G borrow the book herself from someone else? Rose didn’t know, but all she could think about was imagining that emotion, that dedication, all of it, had been for her.


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