Ivy Marie Costello

Name: Ivy Corstello
Date of Birth: 16 September
Age: 16
Looks: In Set, :P
Personality: Bright & bubbly, Outgoing & Hardworking, Honest & Trustworthy, Kind & Caring, A Fighter,
Talents: Ice-Skating and The Arts ( :P )
Job: Student, but works at a holiday programme, in the holidays (obviously)
Relationship: Cory Roberts
Family: In Set, :P
Biography: Ivy was born in Los Angeles and was adopted by two loving parents and toured around Europe when she was young, they adopted another 2 girls and 2 boys and her "parents" didn't love her anymore, they cared for there new children and Ivy had to fight for herself and was pushed out of the circle,
Pets: polyvore.com/cute/set?id=52217436
Car: (Just got her full :P) Lamborghini Mercielago,
Phone: Samsung Galaxy III
Other Devices: iPod, laptop,
Active?: Course!! Changes to the club?: None
I will sometimes role-play as Cory Roberts - Ivys boyfriend

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