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just expresses surtain areas of mah life ha yeahp thats'z iht ha
  • nerds need love too tee in light pink
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    "Nerd Status All Duh Way Niiqas'z HA Well iM a SEXii Nerd '&' iM nicknamed That Cuz iM pRetty '&' Smart iLove Man SiiLlY fRiEnDs!:P" — @karrinbabeh
    Attention, world! Nerds need love, too!! How could you possibly resist this 1000% adorable tee? It has a cute little girl in a floral print dress and big red rimmed glasses with black writing that reads "nerds need love too." Cute nerds of the world, unite! 100% Cotton 26" long Imported
  • quotes. Live life to the fullest.
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    "Live Live To Duh MOO'FOO Fullest B A B E H ! ! < 3 Ha Just Dance Like No Ones Around Or Watchiinq '&' Try New Thinqs'z Meet New People Aqin Just ENJOY LiiFE !(:" — @karrinbabeh
  • Haters by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
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    "OH'SNAPP!! iLoved thiss Flippen BOOK Riiqht here iht' Wuz really Gewd Ha iRead iht'Twice Well ERRY ONE SHULD READ THiiS iht'z B O M B!! : D" — @karrinbabeh
  • DGK I Love Haters Sticker
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    "OHKEY-DOKEY well..TO all YA'LL Hatertsz Hm..Well Love Me Or Flippen Hate Meh iDGAF UM WEl Maybe A lil BUht Just Member When Yer POintinq Fingers Theres;z Always'z Three Finqas'z Pointinq Back Aht Yerself '&' Well Mess Wiith Mah HOmiiesz AND U GOT PROBLEMS Wiith Meh Not Just Wiith Them '&' iM not GOnnah Spend MY TIme ON YEW WOrtHless Hatersz So YEah YEr JUst Makein ME FAMOUS BEEZEYS'z HAte on iht"!!" — @karrinbabeh
    "DGK I Love Haters sticker. Approx width: 5""(12cm). Imported."

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