izzy's 10k collection challenge.✧

- Limit of one collection
- Tag me @starry-skies-in-the-city
- Use the hashtag #izzys10kloves
- Put the categories under the pictures in the collection with description, like in the example collection
- Complete by the 18th of November, my birthday
- Copy and paste these requirements in your collection description
- If you make a collection cover that will give you more points ;)
congrats on 10k, izzy!
  • Pretty Foods Pretty Drinks
    More info
    "Item 1: A food you love
    cinnamon buns <33" — @same-sunset
    TOO PRETTY TO EAT. TOO LOVELY TO DRINK. →submit something to the prettyfoods group on flickr!...
  • hi munchkins
    More info
    "Item 2: An outfit you love
    i need all of this" — @same-sunset
  • rebecca emily
    More info
    "Item 3: An animal you love
    cats always :)" — @same-sunset
    rebecca emily's favorite images from the web
  • rebecca emily
    More info
    "Item 4: A makeup look you love
    that eye shadow is killer" — @same-sunset
    rebecca emily's favorite images from the web
  • Δ lamborghinis Δ
    More info
    "Item 5: A sunset you love
    soo pretty" — @same-sunset
    Erica | Tattoos | Music | Anxiety
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "Item 6: A beach you love
    the sand is PINK" — @same-sunset
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  • G O A L S
    More info
    "Item 7: A hair look you love
    i wish i could do things like this" — @same-sunset
    G O A L S image collection by J O C E L Y N (lazyfawn)
  • sam
    More info
    "Item 8: A music artist you love
    gerard way, what a babe" — @same-sunset
  • Pinterest
    More info
    "Item 9: Lyrics you love
    twenty one pilots have some of the best lyrics" — @same-sunset
    Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.
  • i think you're lovely
    More info
    "Item 10: A friendship picture you love
    aw :)" — @same-sunset
    ♡ hello i'm lorraine and you're my favorite ♡
  • Laura Loves
    More info
    "Item 11: Flowers you love
    red flowers are the best" — @same-sunset
  • thenglishsummer
    More info
    "Item 12: A beverage you love
    coffee of course!" — @same-sunset
    thenglishsummer image collection by jemma (thenglishsummer)
  • Daily Lizzie Olsen
    More info
    "Item 13: An actor/ actress you love
    elizabeth, the best olsen :)" — @same-sunset
    Welcome to Daily Lizzie Olsen, a blog dedicated to the amazingly talented young actress Elizabeth...
  • My Chemical Romance
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Item 14: A shirt you love
    i actually just bought this!!" — @same-sunset
    Shop for the latest My Chemical Romance merch, tees & more at Hot Topic.com - The Destination for Music & Pop Culture-Inspired Clothes & Accessories
  • Boris Schmitz Portfolio
    More info
    "Item 15: A filler you love
    i just clipped this the other day and love it so much!" — @same-sunset
    “Gaze 454”, continuous line drawing by Boris Schmitz
  • We Heart It
    More info
    "Item 16: A drawing you love
    i wish i could draw omg" — @same-sunset
    We Heart It is your home for inspiring images & the people who heart them. Discover, collect, and share daily inspiration & beautiful images every day.
  • All things Eleanor Calder
    More info
    "Item 17: A model you love
    eleanor is so lovely and classy" — @same-sunset
    Welcome to eleanorj-calder! Here you'll find all the latest news and pictures of The Trend Pear blogger and co-creator, Eleanor Calder. /
  • We ❤ It
    More info
    "Item 18: An inspirational female you love
    selena!!" — @same-sunset
    Image shared by qυєєи в ♡ on We Heart It: discover selena gomez, smile, and selenagomez photos.
  • grid background Tumblr
    More info
    "Item 19: A picture that includes a colour you love
    this coat is amazing, I'm obsessed with periwinkle" — @same-sunset
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • Pinterest • @monazor
    More info
    "Item 20: A type of weather you love
    rain oddly enough haha" — @same-sunset
  • This speaks to me on a spiritual level the 1975
    More info
    "Item 21: A quote you love
    this sums is up perfectly <3" — @same-sunset
    This speaks to me on a spiritual level
  • so it goes
    More info
    "Item 22: Architecture you love
    that's so awesome!!" — @same-sunset
  • jøsh dun (@joshuadun) • Instagram photos and videos
    More info
    "Item 23: A black and white picture you love
    probably my favorite picture of josh" — @same-sunset
    I'm not sentimental. This skin and bones is a rental.
  • My Chemical Romance - My Chemical Romance - Pictures - AOL Music
    More info
    "Item 24: A picture of someone singing that you love
    gerard in the best music video ever <33333" — @same-sunset
  • Adidas Originals 'Superstar 80's' sneakers
    More info
    "Item 25: A pair of shoes you love
    these are so cute! i know at this point they're probably considered basic but i still love them :)" — @same-sunset
    White and black leather 'Superstar 80's' sneakers from Adidas Originals featuring a round toe, a lace-up front fastening, a brand embossed tongue, appliqué stripes at the sides and a flat rubber sole. Color: White. Gender: Unisex. Material: Leather/rubber.
    More info
    "Item 26: A yes but no that you love (that relates to you)
    i think a lot of people can relate to this" — @same-sunset
    The things I post do not necessarily reflect my own views. Submit in the ask box! If you can't find...
  • Cereal / Magazine
    More info
    "Item 27: A magazine you love
    the photography in these magazines is amazing!!" — @same-sunset
    Read selected articles from each volume of Cereal magazine
  • Open Front Rolled Cuffs Berber Fleece Coat
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Item 28: A coat you love
    this color is gorgeous and the style is so cute!" — @same-sunset
    - Made from a soft touch berber fleece fabric. - Lapel details. - Long sleeves styling. - Rolled cuffs. - Open front. - Regular fit
  • We Heart It
    More info
    "Item 29: An art piece you love
    i just find this so interesting, it looks like the two sculptures got in a fight and broke something ha" — @same-sunset
    on We Heart It
  • ??????
    More info
    "Item 30: A transparent filler you love
    so cool!" — @same-sunset
    marisa / / sorry lol ?
  • NARS Women's Nail Polish - Delos
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Item 31: A beauty product you love
    love nars and this color" — @same-sunset
    Iconic color. Nailed. Knockout color. Genius formula. Introducing the new Nars Nail Polish, formulated for nothing less than pure color perfection. Wildly chic, this brilliantly curated palette of extended wear enamels features a flexible, high gloss finish for a freshly-painted look that lasts. Available in Delos, a copper brown infused with gold
  • photo
    More info
    "Item 32: A plant you love
    its just a leaf lol but i think its cool" — @same-sunset
  • We ❤ It
    More info
    "Item 33: A sassy quote you love
    i actually like high school but this is still hilarious" — @same-sunset
    Image shared by alondra on We Heart It: discover green, indie, and orange photos.
  • Listen Now! The Complete Guide to Gerard Way's Debut Solo Album, 'Hesitant Alien'
    More info
    "Item 34: An album cover you love
    because this album is amazing and GERARD LOOKS SO CUTE AND I LOVE HIM WITH THIS HAIR COLOR" — @same-sunset
    My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has released the details for his upcoming Britpop record, 'Hesitant Alien.' Yay Anglophilia!
  • Para mudarmos pra melhor, precisamos de você!
    More info
    "Item 35: A neon sign you love
    that quote is just awesome" — @same-sunset
    Já estamos morando na casa nova. Aproveitando toda essa vibe de renovação, também estamos mudando hábitos, rotina, expectativas, planejamento e por aí vai, rs. Desde do fim do ano passado temos trabalhado muito, muito, muito. Cada dia vamos aprendendo com os erros, vibrando com as vitorias, dando algumas milhares de cabeçadas e também acertando em [...]
  • (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
    More info
    "Item 36: A gradient you love
    because Hogwarts >>>" — @same-sunset
    things i make to clip to my polyvore acc.
  • fairy wings
    More info
    "Item 37: Something fluffy that you love
    because i used a cat for #3 but this puppy is fluffy and adorable" — @same-sunset
    ello-bby: “join my first ever favourites here !! ” x
  • Corduroy Skirt
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Item 38: A skirt you love
    corduroy is sick and i love olive green" — @same-sunset
    Translate your fashionable intuition by wearing this piece that is sure to show how knowledgeable you are when it comes to fashion. The skirt has a corduroy fabric, mid-thigh hemline, four pockets, side slit and mid-rise. It looks best with knit shirt and slip-on shoes. Get your korean fashion clothings from MIXXMIX english website. International shipping is avaiable for the latest and trendy korean fashion style. Discover unique MIXXMIX brands; Hide and Seek, 99 Bunny, MXM and 365 Basic.
  • transparents, yo.
    More info
    "Item 39: A piece of text you love
    this describes me pretty well" — @same-sunset
  • We ❤ It
    More info
    "Item 40: A tattone edit that you love
    because it has my username and birthday :)" — @same-sunset
    Image shared by samantha on We Heart It: discover inspiring photos.
  • 19 Insane Fan Theories About Movies And TV That Will Blow Your Mind
    More info
    "Item 41: A movie quote you love
    best movie quote ever" — @same-sunset
    Some might make you roll your eyes... but some will blow your mind...
  • We Heart It
    More info
    "Item 42: A brand you love
    adidas <3" — @same-sunset
    marshall's aesthetic images from the web
  • she’s a jagged way of beautiful
    More info
    "Item 43: Something small that you love
    i want this patch so bad" — @same-sunset
    " she’s not a goddess like you but she fights like she is, twirls around you in an endless circle,...
  • Images and videos of gold
    More info
    "Item 44: Something positive that you love
    cute" — @same-sunset
    gold images, image search, & inspiration to browse every day.
  • Twenty One Pilots Logo Watchman Beanie | Hot Topic
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Item 45: A hat you love
    neeeeed this" — @same-sunset
    Twenty One Pilots Logo Watchman Beanie | Black knit watchman style beanie with an embroidered Twenty One Pilots logo design.
  • We ❤ It
    More info
    "Item 46: Something cold that you love
    snow! i can't wait for winter" — @same-sunset
    Image shared by oh, Troye | XMAS on We Heart It: discover present, christmas, and winter photos.
  • rhodochrosite
    More info
    "Item 47: Something warm that you love
    turtle necks <3" — @same-sunset
    Browse and search images hearted by rhodochrosite (_hamartia).
  • We ❤ It
    More info
    "Item 48: A blurry picture you love
    this pic is so cool and dreamy" — @same-sunset
    Image shared by littlefridd on We Heart It: discover hand, grunge, and black and white photos.
  • jaelyn's edits(:
    More info
    "Item 49: A flower filler you love
    such a pretty color" — @same-sunset
    jaelyn's edits(:
  • rebecca emily
    More info
    "Item 50: An image you really love right now
    the color is just awesome against the stark white" — @same-sunset
    rebecca emily's favorite images from the web

three comments

Wrote one month ago
@starry-skies-in-the-city thank you, it was a lot of fun to make!! and right? they're so delicious! congrats on 10k :D

Wrote one month ago
This is a gorgeous collection

Wrote one month ago
I love cinnamon scrolls :)


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