Jack of All Trade(and master at ALL)

jack of all trades A versatile person. “Jack” was commonly used as a synonym for “man,” as in “every man jack,” and the phrase was used in a highly complimentary way. But the addition of “and master of none” changed the expression to mean a dabbler or dilettante, which wasn't very flattering at all.
These artist contradict the latter part of that definition.They are excellent at all..
including but not limited to..
P.S.In no particular order.
P.S.No partiality!! More will be added.


Wrote one month ago
@nicolevalents @helenelenoir @luckied99 You are very welcome ladies.xx

Wrote one month ago
Wowzers!!! What a great collection...really inspiring designs collected. Thanks for adding many of my favorites! 😝🙌🏾😜😘👌🏾👏🏾

Wrote one month ago
Thank you for adding my seta to this awesome collection!

Wrote one month ago
Grazie per aver aggiunto il mio set in questa collezione di eccellenze..!! <3


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