I just wanted to post and share this with you guys. ( please ignore my grammatical mistakes)
Jack and Finn harries ( if you don't know who they are, search them on YouTube) were in India (where I live) for the past two weeks. They were basically here to take part in the 'rickshaw run' and raise money for the teenage cancer trust back in London. The 'run' required them to travel in a auto rikshaw and drive from Shillong in east india to jaisalmer in west india. They were accompanied by their friends louis ( funforlouis on YouTube) ben ( Ben brown on YouTube) will, Harry and max. They finished their race on Friday and announced on Saturday that they would be coming to Delhi ( the capital of India) which is an hour away from where I live. Finn also tweeted ' if we were to do a meetup in Delhi, where would we do it'. Now many of you may know my obsession with youtubers so when I heard this I was so ecstatic! I wanted to meet them really badly. On Monday morning they announced they had reached delhi but also announced that they were leaving for London on Tuesday. I thought they were leaving on Wednesday and would do the meetup on Tuesday but obviously that didn't happen. People from in and around Delhi tweeted to them the whole day hoping to know when exactly they were planning on doing their meetup. At 9pm jack announced that a meetup would take place in an hour in a mall in Delhi. I was soooo angry. How can you just announce an hour before a meetup that it is taking place and expect people to show up. I was incredibly annoyed. I asked my parents if they would drive me there but they said no as it was too far and also because Delhi is unsafe at night especially for women. I felt so dejected. I really wanted to meet them and now I couldn't. I found some more people on twitter who weren't able to go due to the same reasons. We basically tracked down all the flights to London the next day and asked a few people going for the meetup to ask jack and finn their flight time for the next day. This one girl got back to me at around midnight and told the flight was at one. Right after that I went to wake my mom up and ask her if I could skip school and go to the airport tomorrow. She told me to go away and that we'd talk in the morning. I had a hard time sleeping that night but as soon as I got up in the Morning I rushed to my parents room. My dad was already awake so I asked him if I could go to the airport. He basically wanted to know who exactly I wanted to meet and stuff. By that time my mom woke up and I asked her. She told me I had gone mad and that I don't know anything about there flight OR them blah blah bah ( I think you can guess the rest). We ended up arguing for a pretty long time. By the time we were done I had 15 minutes left to catch my bus and I hadn't even had a bath yet. By the time I had a bath and got dressed, my bus left. My dad said he couldn't drop me to school and my mom's driver wasn't supposed to come for an hour. My mom told me to skip school and study for the math test taking place the next day. I studied from 7:30am to 9:30am all the while thinking about just how close I was to meeting them. They were literally an hour away from my house and would be 15 minutes away when they reached the airport. I felt so sad and angry and annoyed that I started crying while doing math. My mom noticed and thought I was crying because I couldn't understand the math questions but later realized the real reason. At around 9:40am she came and asked me if I wanted to go to the airport and I said yes. We left in the next half hour so that we could catch them before they entered the airport. We reached at around 11am. I also found out and that some of the twitter people had already been waiting there and asked them to tweet to me if they saw them. After waiting for a long time, at 5 minutes to 12pm I decided to send a tweet to the other people telling them that I was leaving in another 10 minutes if I didn't see the youtubers. Just as I was sending this my mom spotted a car with a couple of white guys inside it ( I had told her that if she spots a group of white guys to tell me) she described some of the youtubers and I figured out it was them. By that time I also got a reply from the twitter girl saying that they were here. I ran across the airport and saw them taking out their luggage. Since they had arrived so late( I hour before their flight) I couldn't talk to them much. We all took a group photo and I also took a selfie with louis. After that we all talked for about 2 minutes before they left. I was so happy even though I got to meet them for about 10 minutes. They were incredibly late but even then they stopped and spoke to us. 
That was one of the best days of my life :) 
<3 24.09.13 <3

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