{ ♥ } little party never killed nobody, so we gon' dance until we drop { ♥ }

{ the name of the beauty is sophia rose johnson, but you can personally call her soph }

the age of this beauty queen is a youthful sweet sixteen // junior
born in the wealthy capital of england - london on november the 13th
you pronounce her name like this - so-fee-ah // rohz // jahn-suhn
- - x - -
3/4 of brilliant british and 1/4 of heartbreaking hungarian
her hometown is in cape grove high, california - she moved at the age of eleven.
family // robert william johnson is sophia's father along with being the ceo of famous british brand - burberry. anne johnson is her mother who is a retired supermodel and half hungarian. finally marina elle johnson is her fellow younger sister, who is a student in middle school.
barbara palvin // the enchanting vision of the brunette goddess will last in your memory for eternity. how /could/ you forget her, with those stunning pair of piercing sapphire gems which you call eyes. those long black healthy lashes fluttering seductively as she chats up a hottie. above them are her perfectly shaped chamoisee coloured eyebrows, arched at near end to complete the amazing brow. sophia has a cute ski slopped nose, making every girl absolutely envy her even more. below them are her oh so kissables, formed in a natural pout and with a noticeable cupids bow. they are usually covered in her glossy nude mac lipglass or yves saint laurent rouge volupté in the shade - ' lingerie pink '. she has a modelesque heart shaped face, with flawless skin {no blemishes} and gorgeous pronounced cheek bones. framing her face are her vibrant silky bole tresses, styled in beachy waves or loose curls. they are looked after well, always being illuminated by the bright strobe lights at the many nightclubs she had been too. sophia has a victoria secret smoking body, thanks to all the hours in the gym & yoga. she has a thin waist, flat stomach and is very toned. talking about her supreme body, which is glowing and has a genuine tan. she stands at a tall 5 ft 9 inches, towering over you and her miss dior cherie fragrance wafting in the air.
- - x - -
on the chilly day of november the thirteenth, at exactly 12:00pm was the birth of a angelic baby girl - sophia rose johnson. she was the first child of two successful people - one was the ceo of burberry and the other was a supermodel. robert william johnson & anne johnson to be exact. young sophia gazed around in awe at the vast amount of people surrounding her, trying to figure out what was going on. the sweetheart grew up family orientated, her parents revolving around her life every second. she did of course get spoilt but that was no surprise since they were such a wealthy family. however that didn't mean it was a bad thing, it actually advanced sophia's talents to a further level as she took piano & singing classes at a young age. when sophia was six, another child was brought into the family and her name was marina elle johnson. she actually had lovely blonde locks, resembling her father rather than mum like sophia had. her parents attention divert from soph and instantly towards the toddler. even though sophia was still a young child, she still had this feel of jealously inside her. she pushed it away though and continuing acting like the family they were, without knowing what was to come in the next few years.
well, you thought the little princess's life was flawless, right? it was far from. her parents marriage began to fall apart when she was eleven years old and marina was five years old. actually, the truth was that their relationship was over years ago when sophia was 3 years old. the couple had to keep going on pretending - for the sake for the media and sophia... later on marina as well. they were the golden couple of chelsea, london and if they were to announce the news, there would be tabloids everywhere. so they kept it up for all these years until they finally cracked. before they got there divorce paper filled, they moved to cape grove high, california because they knew the media/press wouldn't be so intense. this had a dramatic impact on sophia life since she was not as young as marina to not know what was going on. she had to suffer the consequences and that was her alcoholism. she started drinking when she was only twelve years old! seeing it as a way of forgetting about her past. she even packed her suitcases with bottles of smirnoff because of the divorce being split in assets, meaning that sophia would stay father's for one week and ther mother's for the same amount. it went back and forth like a yoyo which really messed up her education. she is seriously smart but she doesn't show it because she doesn't feel like there is any point. not only would alcohol get rid of her problems for a significant amount of time but also singing & playing the piano. she had become an expert at the piano and would occasionally play a peaceful tune - sometimes singing. drugs & sex came under the same list too when she was fourteen. her parents soon found vast amounts of empty vodka bottles hidden underneath her bed in both houses and they found some weed too. they were both furious at first but started to calm down, thinking it would be best to send her to rehab. she went and came back, saying she was 'clean' though that wasn't the case. she starting her old habits back with her parents having to bail her out of jail for driving under the influence of alcohol. that was the last straw for them and they completely disowned sophia, forgetting about her completely. now they only had one daughter which was marina, no one else. sophia had felt the same jealously she felt when she was younger. all the attention on marina once again. soph didn't seemingly care but deep down instead she wants to get out of the wreck she is in and start a new life.
- - x - -
she is an incredibly classy, elegant and 'flawless' on the outside. giggling, smiling and having fun. she tries to not care about anything and just live life, though her one is ruined. she never thinks of her past, not even once. she needs some to talk to her and let her blurt out everything so she can start recovering from the illness that causes her to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
some drama ideas would be that sophia get's in trouble with the law when a party get's out of control. another idea would be that sophia begins a relationship with someone who might not be her type, but helps her tackle her alcoholism. then it would be all happy for some while and then sophia goes back to the cycle of her illness. they boy finds out and this consequently makes the boy break up with her.
for the first idea i was thinking of the populars - if sophia is accepted - hosting a party and then it get's really loud, out of control. then the police come in and every other person escapes, but the populars. they get in trouble for underage drinking - especially sophia because of her secret. the other idea is open to any member who is active and they have a boy character who might not be one of the populars but has a rough past because of alcoholor involving it - if possible.
i think sophia should be in the populars because her personality is care free & wild. she is always fun to be around and has the social skills to b e in the populars. i also my enrollment proves my roleplaying skills & i hope you agree as well.
plotting collection - polyvore.com/sophia_rose_johnson/collection?id=2835652
drama partners - @fashion-outfit, @attitudediva, @i-love-peace - me and audrey had planed a love triangle between sophia, nick and a new charrie. this would bring a new member to the mix and not make them feel so alone and lost. then with audrey's other male charrie - luke, we are going to make him a shoulder to cry on when nick and her split up. it turns into sometime more and there is some brother rivalry going on like in vampire diaries with elena. but eventually in the end sophia will go back to nick and basically become ' the girl that transformed the player '. with lily's male charrie, sophia is going to have a little fling possibly in the beginning with dylan of the year where the nick/sophia drama hasn't occurred or in between the process where nick splits up with her since it would confuse the whole situation. additionally, sophia and rabaab's charrie - isla will have a really close friendship because they have similar flaws. but sometimes they get into heated arguments about various things.
i am a popular; my poly username - @avrilrocks2000
an activeness level would be 8.5
sophia has many hobbies and among them are singing - she loves to sing, her melodic voice mouthing out the words lyrically. Something that comes in hand with singing is her talent on playing the piano. She would gracefully touch the keys with her slender fingers whilst gazing at the notes with her memorizing blue eyes. Lastly is her love for gymnastics which led her to joining the cheerleading team at her old school and eventually becoming the captain.
sophia likes boys, designer clothes, victoria secret, friends, tans, bikinis, summer, her chocolate brown waves, lingerie, alcohol, parties, dancing, cheerleading, fun, exercising, fruits, vodka, singing, getting drunk, facials, beaches, dior, chanel, ysl lipsticks, vs fragrance mist, music, gucci and many many more. however she dislikes calories, cheap perfume, fake people, wannabes, suck ups, boring people, annoying people, bad hair days, spiders, spots and her family.
the many flaws that hide behind the enchanting girl are that because of her alcoholism, she constantly has to have some alcohol with her at all times. she will sneakily add some vodka to her drink or some whiskey in her coke. there is never a time when she is sober and is always unconscious of what is happening. at parties she is totally out of control, dancing, drinking, dancing, drinking. it goes back and forth. not to mention that if she meets a cute boy... lets say things could get a little intimate.
- - x - -
{ ♥ } ℓιттℓє ραяту ηєνєя кιℓℓє∂ ησвσ∂у, ѕσ ωє gση’ ∂αη¢є υηтιℓ ωє ∂яσρ { ♥ }
sophia rose johnson | clique | british beauty at your acquaintance
i apply a smooth layer of my dior addict lipstick which was in the shade - 'cherie bow' to my full oh so kissables. i place the silver cap back on and shut my jewel encrusted compact mirror that i was previously gazing at. i put all the items i used back inside my alexander mcqueen onyx patent clutch which matched my outfit completely. i exchange the makeup for my gucci fragrance and taking off the black plastic cap. i flick my silky chocolate brown tresses over my shoulder, making them cascade down my back. i spritz on the transparent substance onto my neck, making my whole body smell of the sultry scent. just then the sleek black limo comes to a steady halt in front of the magnificent nightclub. my piercing blue eyes glance at the view through the dim window beside me as the driver instantly gets out of the spotless limo and comes to my side, opening the door. i give a brief nod towards the driver, straightening my bright orange lanvin dress which fit me in all the right places. i emerge from the vehicle gracefully, giving a quiet 'thank you' to the driver and walking in the direction to the entrance. the building was extravagant alright - but that didn't mean it was a bad thing. i venture inside the vast venue, the bright lights hitting me and illuminating my perfect curls. i instantly head to the bar, needing a glass of alcohol. "a strawberry pina colada, please." i order, knowing that i would be drinking something more strong later on.


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Wrote three years ago
she did come to cape grove high at age of 11
meaning she would have been in her last year of elementary school
lots of chance to make friends since she had the social skills
she moved because her parents were going to divorce and the media would be too much in chelsea, london
because they were known
it's not fair that i only found out know, so is their any chance you reconsider my enrollment?

Wrote three years ago
she didn't come from a young age from what i read?
i suppose i misread if that's what you say, you know her better than i do.
but i'm pretty sure the bio says she came when she was 14, the age of the students currently is 15/16.
so i suppose she could be friends with the populars or even in the populars.
but they're already fixed and sent, it's now in the hands of the current populars whether or not they want anyone else in. so i suggest asking a few members of that clique :)))
i'm so sorry i didn't make that clearer!

Wrote three years ago
oh, i thought if they came to cape grove at a young age, that they still had childhood friendships.

is it too late to change? because i only found out now.

Wrote three years ago
sophia is amazing as usual.
however she's not /from/ cape grove, therefore i can't allow her an /enrolled/ spot in the populars.
there's always the new students that climb their way up though :)


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