♡ Situated amongst thousands of evergreen trees and dozens of secluded ponds lies the Enchanted Forest, filled with an assortment of humans and creatures living in harmony... or so you thought. Although there are over a dozen of young princes and princesses who plan on marrying in the near future, eighteen villains plan on jeopardizing the fairy tale ending for these adolescents. The villains have concocted a curse so deadly, that setting an entire village on fire looks like child's play. These villains require power through love and happiness, and the villains have devised a plan to soak up the love between each prince and princess by separating these lovebirds forever. This curse will send the princesses to a realm known as earth, and the princes to a realm known as wonderland; this curse will also cause the princes and princesses to lose their memories. ♡
There are just a few problems...
♡ The princes and princesses haven't lost their memories . . . 
♡ Someone other than one of the villains casted the curse . . .
♡ The princes didn't end up in wonderland . . . they ended up in a black hole

Will these princes and princesses ever find one another? Or, will the villains conjure enough power to rule over all of the realms in this great universe?

Coming to polyvore on 1/1/14

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