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  • Jacob Jensen - Carving Board
    Jacob Jensen - Carving Board
    Jacob Jensen presents a carving board, which is an all-rounder in the kitchen with sophisticated material and clever function. The Jacob Jensen Carving Board is made of fast regrowing, untreated bamboo wood. Bamboo is very hard and the production environmentally friendly. The massive processed bamboo boards are usable from both of their sides ad they are transformable into a bigger working surface thanks to the lateral inclinations. The elegant inclined edge of the Carving Board moreover enables to remove the cut goods easily. The top of the Carving Board with crumb grooves serves to cut bread. The base is completely straight and e.g. Ideally suitable for smaller meat pieces, onions and herbs. Bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities, so that different goods are prepared with the Jacob Jensen cutting board without any problems, even ensuring uncomplicated cleaning.
  • Jacob Jensen - TimerScale
    Jacob Jensen - TimerScale
    TimerScale from Jacob Jensen is a real multi-talent: It is a kitchen scale and a timer in one! The awarded TimerScale has sand blasted laterals out of aluminium and a polished black surface with a simple LCD Display is placed. Therewith it optically stands in the tradition of the elegant products out of the Jacob Jensen house. It is easy to control TimerScale and fast to understand: TimerScale has to be simply placed on a flat surface to be used as scale. If it isn’t used for more than two minutes it will switch off automatically. TimerScale can measure in Kg and Lb unities and it resists a maximum of 5 Kg. For TimerScale to remain viewable and reachable continuously, it can be fixed at the wall with included wall-fixing material. Inside of this wall construction, TimerScale can be used as timer. The maximal countdown time is 12 hours. If one wishes, the countdown can be interrupted and re-started without loss of time.
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