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~your POV~ 

As I finished tying my shoe laces, I quickly got my handbag and I got my phone out of it while I quickly called my boyfriend, Jai, and headed out the door. As I heard the phone dialing, I winced as I had to turn back and unlock my door because I forgot something. My ring. Not just any ring though; the promise ring that Jai had given me when he first confessed that he really loved me. 
I then heard his voice pick up from the other line as he said,"What's up babe?" There go the butterflies. 
"Hey you! Are you free..or do you have plans?" I unlocked the front door. 
"Um actually, I was going to a party.." Bingo. I found the heart-shaped silver ring and slipped it on my finger. 
"Oh really? So am I! Wait. Is it Ariana's birthday party?" Ariana is the school's most popular girl and somehow, I was invited! 
"Yeah. That..girl's birthday party." I guess Jai was invited too..? Ugh whatever. 
Gosh, he was so cute. I giggled at him. "Wow. So you're going to a girl's birthday party when you don't even know her? That doesn't sound like you Jai.." I then locked my front door and unlocked my car door and decided to drive to Ariana's house so I got the invitation and punched in her address on my gps device inside my car. 
"Haha yeah, I know. I just wanna go because Fred and the team are going," of course. Practically the whole school will be going. "So, I just thought if I could chill there or something. You know? Plus, you're going too so it'll be funner." 
I felt my cheeks grow warm and said,"Aww. Well ok, I'll see you there then. Love you." 
"Alright. See ya. Love you too babe." I made a sharp left turn. 
I then made a right turn and continued straight ahead until the device said that I was at my destination. I stared at the house right on my left side as I parked. This place was HUGE. In fact, I must be mistaken; it's probably not a house, it's a mansion. 
I looked at my rear view mirror and I decided to put on a layer of lip gloss and I puffed up my hair and took a deep breath and got out of my car. 
Well, this will be fun.. I heard booming music as I got closer to the ginormous house while crossing the street. 
I got out my bag as I reached for Ariana's present inside; a Nordstrom gift card. Haha hey, who knows; maybe she'll find a Chanel bag or some Gucci heels or something expensive. 
I saw her as I entered the house. She looked like a model in her pink, sparkly, ruffled, mini-skirt, strapless dress. 
The place looked like it could hold 100 or more people inside. Which it probably did since I was ten minutes late and the place is already packed. 
I caught her eye and she squealed in delight as she went away from her posse and made her way towards me. How could she move so fast in those heels? 
Out of no where, she pulled me into a hug and said,"Oh my gosh! You came! I'm so happy!" 
"Aw thanks for inviting me! Oh and here, I got you a little something." 
We were practically shouting to each other from all the racket even if we were less than six inches away from each other. 
She placed a hand over the center of her chest. "Oh my gosh! You seriously didn't have to! Aw you're so sweet!" She then pulled me into another hug out of nowhere. "thank you so much...what's your name again? I'm so sorry!" 
"Alisha." I have her a fake smile. Wow. Seriously? She doesn't even know my name... 
"Oh ok Alisha! Thanks so much again! I'll see you around!" She then headed her way behind me towards her front door so she could greet her other guests. 
I awkwardly made my way towards the backyard while mumbling a lot of 'sorry's and 'excuse me's as I lightly bumped into dancing people. 
I decided to give Jai a call and he didn't pick up. Great. Now what am I supposed to do?? 
I then realized that I needed to go the bathroom. I made my way back inside the house-I mean mansion, and I asked a nearby boy if he knew where the bathrooms were located. 
"They're...somewhere upstairs." He slurred. Whoa. Ew. Gross. His breath was smelling as strong as the alcohol itself. "Want me to lead you to it?" He made his hands go around me waist and I scowled in disgust. 
"Ugh no! Get off of me you creep!" I shoved him with all the force I had In my body as he stumbled backwards and took a swig out of a bottle he grappled from a counter behind him and turned around and tried to make "moves" with other girls. Ugh. Intoxicated people have always scared me. So I don't drink. Never have. Never will. Although, I sometimes do wonder how I'm like if I were to be drunk... 
I passed the living room and took a glance at the front door to see if by any chance Jai could just walk through right at this second, but of course, he didn't. I found it strange that I didn't see Ariana there.. Oh well. She must be around somewhere or something. 
So I made my way up the staircase and hoped to find the bathroom soon. I opened the nearest door to my right on the hallway, but then soon closed it as a couple making out on a bed came into view. They didn't seem to notice me so...
I then went to the left side of the hallway and opened the door. A pink bedroom was in sight and so was Ariana..and her kissing a guy. That guy had a beanie... That beanie looked awfully familiar.. Almost like jai's... 
I then felt the air being knocked right out of me as I realized that it was Jai who was kissing Ariana. 
I didn't notice I was crying until I made a sobbing sound and they looked towards my way. I then stormed out of the room and quickly made my way downstairs and outside the house. 
I then heard my name being called out. Oh shoot. I then broke into a full sprint as I realized it was jai's voice. I screamed as I felt a strong arm grasp my forearm. 
"Please Alisha. It's not what it looks like. Just please hear me out. Please." 
I turned to face him and said,"Oh no Jai. Please, just don't give me that crap right now ok? You're saying that it's not what it looks like?! Well, THAT was perfectly clear about what it looked like. So don't. Just don't. Please." 
"Hey Alisha, that was a mistake. Please. I feel nothing towards her. I love YOU. And only you." He tried caressing my cheek, but I turned around. 
"No. That wasn't a mistake. You're not drunk. You're not high. You're not intoxicated. So stop lying to me! You've already lied enough!" I pushed him with all my strength, but it didn't seem to work because he clutched both of my arms and pulled them towards himself, sending my body flailing towards his. He then tried to do a forceful kiss. 
"No no no no no! Just stop!" I was then able to push him off me. "Just leave me alone. Don't touch me. Don't ever talk to me. And here; take this. I don't want it. Go ahead and give it to your girlfriend, Ariana, who's much better than me!" I then threw the ring at him and went in my car and drive off. 


I finally reached my house and parked in front of it. I then broke down into complete sobbing. There was this internal pain that I never thought I could experience THIS painfully; I realized that this was a true heartbreak. 
I made my way into my house and made went to my bed to lay down. I got under the sheets and cried with my face down on the mattress. 
What does he see in her anyway? Oh. Right. What does he NOT see in her? She has money. She's popular. She's talented. She dresses nicer. She's prettier. She's smarter. She's nicer. She's funnier. She's....better. 
I then cried harder than I was before. I have no chance against her. 
I hate Jai. I hate him. I hate him so much for this. I hate him. But I love him. It's incredible what this boy could do to me... 
I then stopped crying and thinking for a second as I heard my phone ring. Ugh. It's probably him.. I decided to ignore it. 
Then called again. 
And again. 
And again. 
And again. 
And ten more times. (Or something like that.) 
I groaned heavily and got out of bed and got my bag which was hung on a coat hanger and took out my phone. 
A sob escaped my mouth as I saw the caller ID and saw HIS name appear on the screen. Along with one of my favorite pictures of us.. I knew that he wouldn't stop calling so I decided to pick up. 
I took a deep breath. "What?" I tried sounding monotone and mad. But my voice struggled and it cracked so it caused me to sniff. 
"Baby. Please. I'm sorry. I love you." 
"You really shouldn't use words you don't mean." 
"But babe, I DO love you!" 
"Ok. Uh huh. Yeah, sure. Whatever you say... Oh yeah and what part of 'leave me alone' didn't you understand?" 
"I'm not going to do that. I'm not gonna leave your side. Never."
"Really? Cause it seems like you already left. You're long gone." Some tears escaped my eyes as I sniffed. 
"Can we please just talk?" 
"Wait, plea-" 
I hung up. I then let out a frustrated scream as I threw my phone at my wall and sank down to my knees and started to cry uncontrollably (again). 
I then heard my ring tone. I snarled heavily as I picked up my (broken) phone and pressed on 'decline'. I then unlocked my phone as I pressed on his contact and I was about to delete it, when I thought of something better; I blocked the number. Then I deleted it. 


After a few more hours of crying heavily in bed, I decided to look online for some cheap tickets for the farthest place away from here. I needed to get out of here and never return. I can't just let him back into my life again. How could I ever trust him again? 
I then found some tickets in Florida. That was perfect since we live in California... 

*Later on* 

I ended up moving. Life was easier. Although, the hardest part was letting go. But otherwise, I succeeded. I am scarred for life and I'm currently not seeing anybody, but I guess I'm just better off like that. 

Hope you liked it? Haha thanks for recommending it and thank you for your patience! I appreciate it! (:
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