Full Name: James Catesby Ballen
Year: 1
Age: 11
Appearance: Short, curly dark hair with dark brown eyes
Wand: Ebony, 14", Dragon Heartstring, Hard
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Would like Gryffindor but just wants to be in the same house as his sister.
Personality: Smart, funny, outgoing, brave, protective, treats everyone equally, good friend.
Bio: James is a sweet boy, and adores his sister, they do everything together. He protects her with his life, he likes rugby and other muggle sports, he also partakes in other forms of combat that do not involve wands. He is strong for his age, and very athletic, instead fo drawing and writing, he prefers to make things, and he doesn't like to read.
Family: Thalia Ballen {nee Tallis}- Mother
Alistair Ballen- Father
Emilia Ballen- Sister
Model: Kit Harington (I know he looks a lot older but that's how I want him to look as he grow up...)
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