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♡- Name: Aubrey May Deabreu
♡- Age: 17
♡- Hometown: Upper East Side, Manhattan
♡- Appearance:
{ hair } With luxurious platinum blonde hair, it's hard not to notice her. She stands out from the crowd, the beautiful blonde. It falls half way down her back, naturally light and wavy, a beachy look.
{ face } Aubs has a pronounced jaw line and cheeks, highlighting her soft blemish free skin. She has a sweet button nose and plump pink lips which fall into a pout. Her eyebrows are a perfect thin shape, all natural and never has to work on them. Her eyes are a sparkling blue eyes, with small flecks of grey and green.
{ body } She has long legs and arms, both toned along with her flat stomach. She likes to tan, but not often, because it usually lasts for quite a while. Her collarbones and shoulders are sharp and pronounced, giving her a fragile look, but she's not. She loves to work out and goes once everyday.
♡- Personality: Aubrey is quite mean, ruthless, confident, headstrong, a perfectionist, elitist + beyotchy.
♡- Biography: Aubrey has lived in the Upper East Side all her life. Being born into a dirty rich family, she was given everything. She is an only child so sharing is not her thing. Her parents sent her to the best private schools in the city and forced her to take dance + gymnastics classes from a very young age. It has helped to keep her body in tip top condition which she loves, but wearing those skin bearing outfits in shows and competitions brought out the real Aubrey.
She has always loved party's, and living in Manhatten means there is never a time when there isn't a party of some sort being held. Being captain of the cheer team she has always been the popular girl, she dates college boys and was with the captain of the football team throughout her first few years in highschool. Some may label her a little slutty, but she just likes to have fun and get with guys. She smokes and lost her V card a while back, it was all fine until her parents found out. As you can imagine they went crazy and have sent her to Ireland, this is the worst place for Aubrey, she might just be a nightmare.
♡- Other: Aubrey owns the usual iPhone 5 {black}, iPad + Macbook Pro. Her car is an Audi R8 Spyder and she is alergic to dogs + cats, so no pets for her.
♡- Would you like to be considered in an invite clique?: yes please
♡- Open clique choice(Non-invite): a-listers

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