i'll put the story in later.

Trembling. I can't sleep. The reaping is tomorrow. The day of nightmares and lost love. I'm pretty much alone in the house. No mom no dad. Only a sister. Who cares about only herself getting picked. Not me. She doesn't care. I walk in her room wanting someone to comfort me so I can sleep. She comes over to me. I give her a hug. She pulls away. And with that, I walk back in my room trembling. I decide to go to my teachers house. It's wired but she feels sorry for me. And I love her like she's my mother who teaches. I find her in her room shooting arrows. She is also my archery teacher. She got picked a while back and she wants to help us win with archery. I walk in and I ask to sleep with her. She scoots over and lets me in. We talk. While she's stroking my black curls. They are knotted up because of my horrible night sleep. Morning comes the day of the reaping. Flash backs come to mind. Me getting picked, Kat coming to save me. I wanted to become friends, but she got killed. Atleast her death was peaceful made by the victor. I can't get picked again cause no one will volunteer and I'll die. Even though I have been training all year. I get ready. I wear Kat's bracelet she wore in the arena. We walk in, me and my sister. But she runs away. Why doesn't she like me? "ladies first" says our escort. "Jamie Cullins!" that's my name. That horrible horrible name of mine. I wish I could drop dead right here instead of getting killed by some other stronger tribute. "Jessica." the other name is called. We shake hands as I tear up. Great. An older tribute. I bet I'm the youngest one. We go to the rooms. I take it as a private room to cry in. No one is coming. No one came. On the train, me and Jessica talk. I don't feel like it, but I'm not gonna cry. I cried out all my tears. We talk about being allies. Away from the careers. Great. More people who could kill me. "why don't we ally up with the careers?" I say. "more people to get to know, and the more people to have to kill in the final four." she's says. I guess that's right. If we get to know each other, then we won't wanna kill them when It comes down to it. We stay silent and stuff our faces the rest of the train ride.
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