Jane Eyre is a famous novel by English writer Charlotte Brontë.
Jane Eyre is an orphan, sent to the cruel school institution of Lowood. 
Upon maturing, she is positioned as governess to a girl named Adele at Thornfield Hall. 
Fully aware of her low-rank and plain countenance; she makes the best of her situation. 
But Thornfield holds many secrets and despite mysterious occurrences that Jane cannot comprehend, she and Edward Rochester, owner of Thornfield and Adele's guardian, fall in love. 
Suddenly, when Jane is about to win the happiness she deserves, a dark secret comes to light, and it will take all of her courage, love and maturity to triumph.

I watch the Zeffirelli's Movie before to read the book. I recommended you both, the novel and the movie too.
I did this set for this contest: http://www.polyvore.com/regency/contest.show?id=131106
It's a simple set but when I red the topic of the contest I choose immediately the novel of Charlotte Brontë even though there are only 5 images in Polyvore about this beautiful novel/movie!


Wrote 6 years ago
awesome, I've never read her books, but I bet its great :)

Wrote 6 years ago
This is amazing... (L)

Wrote 6 years ago
I love this novel -- and have been enthralled with the works of the Brontë sisters ever since

Wrote 6 years ago
Fabulous set!

Wrote 6 years ago
fantastico!così semplice,così giusto per lei!

Wrote 6 years ago

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