obviously I can't tell David how much Sofie bothers me.
Our foundation is not that strong, which sucks, and i know i need to tell him, but everytime I get around to it, things are just soo nice, that i can not bring myself to say the words,

"Sofie is the devil."

David and I were out at Stella's pizza in Chelsea and we saw this gorgeous boy that wait a minute, i dated.

His name is Ryan and he is into art and graphic design and etc.

So he was done paying and David and I were in line and i was dressed casual, but my legs looked magnificent if i do say so myself, these killer heels, and a somewhat short skirt.

"Jane," he said with a smile sliding his arm around my waist and pulling me into him 

"ryan how are you?" I smiled.

I could feel David staring,
"David, this is Ryan, we used to date, Ryan this is David my boyfriend."
I said.
He smiled.
and said 
"We should get together sometime, I'll call you." and left,

And i was smiling and David did not look pleased, but of course didnt say anything..i'm thinking major intervention tonight..things could get ugly

song:Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones
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