Name: Jane Morose
Age: (16-21): 19
Hometown: Technically Seattle, Washington.. 

-Tell us a little bit about your life and what led up to you deciding to come to Hatata 

My mom is a hippie and my dad is a businessman which created a lot of tension when I was young. My parents have been working on their relationship, getting help for their differences. Life used to be stressful before they started seeing a counselor. When I was younger, my home wasn't exactly a happy one. One rainy day there was scratching at the back door. Turns out, a stray puppy was drenched and looking food deprived so I took it in. Thats where my love of animals started. I channeled my energy into taking care of my dog, which then turned into taking care of two dogs, which turned into taking care of a litter of new-born puppies and two kittens, which turned into a whole lot of pets. Since my dad was real estate mogul, our house was able to handle my new found hobby and my mother was blissfully happy with saving animals, something to do with "the circle of life" or whatever she called it. My mom becomes restless when in one place for a long period of time so we as a family have had to move around the country often. It didn't bother my dad because he just traveled back to where his business head quarters were. They currently live in L.A. where my mother is a yoga instructor and my father still has his real estate business. My aunt followed her brother's footsteps and now owns a successful interior design company. I got into her trade when I was 14 and took an elective class that dealt with design. I had an internship with her company until this past february. In April, my aunt got diagnosed with cancer and so she sold her company for a big profit and now focuses on getting better. That leaves me without a job/internship and no other interior design company is looking for another intern. I applied to the program because I don't exactly know what to do with my life and a major problem I have is that I've never really made any permanent friends so I sometimes have a hard time with making relationships whether they are personal or for business. I hope that this program can help me with my weaknesses and make me realize what I really want in life.

-Was it your choice for you to come here, or are you being forced by someone else 

It was my choice to come here. It sounds like a great opportunity and a lot of fun!

-What are you hoping to gain by being on the island?

Find out who I am and what I want to do with my life. I am the offspring of a highly successful and productive father and a free spirited lazy mother which has rubbed off on me...

-What is your best skill, or your favorite skill?

My best skill is my creativity

-What is something about you that you need to work on? 

building lasting relationships and finding motivation to be successful

Model: Barbara Palvin
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